Mattel-Thai Joint Antisubmarine Exercise: Ready to Joint Response to Any Threat

 Mattel-Thai Joint Antisubmarine Exercise: Ready to Joint Response to Any Threat

Reference News Network reported on April 12 that the U.S. Navy and the Thai Navy held a ceremony on Thai frigate Bhumibol Aduld on April 7 to unveil the annual exercise of Marine Guard.

A Los Angeles-class U.S. Navy submarine and a supply ship, the Navy refused to reveal their names, participated in the exercise with two Thai frigates, a light frigate and a Seahawk helicopter, the Star Spangle website reported on April 10.

Reported that the exercise has been held annually since 2012, usually lasting five days, to test the naval anti-submarine combat readiness of the two countries.

Colonel Matt Gerby, commander of the 7th Destroyer Squadron, said in a statement: Marine Guard 2019 is a top-level exercise, demonstrating our commitment to each other to ensure that we are ready to respond to any threat, including water and underwater threats.

The U.S. Navy says the Marine Guard exercise consists of the onshore stage (where experts meet and exchange information) and the offshore stage (where the focus is on the ability to protect surface vessels and track submarines).

This year, the Thai Navy deployed towed array sonars for the first time, a new capability added to the country, the statement said.

Captain Josh Northcott, the chief planner of the U.S. Navy for the exercise, said in a statement: Our ability to conduct anti-submarine exercises, as well as our ability to implement past experience, advanced tactics and procedures in each Marine Guard exercise, testify to the professionalism and interoperability of the U.S. Navy and the Thai Navy forces.

U.S. and Thai officers and soldiers participating in joint anti-submarine exercises. (Image source: Thai Navy)

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Wang Xu_NBJS8023