A false alarm! Messi has not broken his nasal bone and will play Manchester United again next week or wear a mask.

 A false alarm! Messi has not broken his nasal bone and will play Manchester United again next week or wear a mask.

From the current situation, Messi can play in a healthy way against Vesca. However, considering Barcelonas lead in Spain and Manchester United next week, Messi is likely to take a rotating sabbatical. The Daily Sports Daily pointed out that Messi could not be ruled out wearing a protective mask against Manchester United next week.

During the 2002/03 season, Messi wore a mask while playing for the Barcelona Junior Team. Within a few days, Messi was elbowed twice by the Spaniard in the Gatedby. At the time of the first injury, Messi left the field because of injury, but there was no fracture. But his opponents second elbow shot broke Messi and he had to wear a mask to play.

In 2018, Messi was ranked fifth in the Golden Globe Award, which was almost speechless. According to the Daily Sports Daily, Messi has made 64 goals directly this season, ranking first in Europe. Messi has scored the most 43 goals in Europe so far and has contributed 21 assists. Messi made 64 goals and Barcelona scored 121, which meant that Messi made more than half of the teams goals.

In this ranking, Messi is far ahead of old rival Ronaldo. Ronaldo scored 24 goals and assisted 12 times, making only 36 goals in total. Ronaldos figures are the same as Benzemas, with the Frenchman scoring 26 goals and assisting 10 times. Mbappe made 49 (33, 16 assists), Levan 48 (35, 13 assists) and Aguero 37 (29, 8 assists), all three of which were better than Ronaldo. After entering 2019, Messi scored 22 first goals in Europe, Mbape scored 17, Aguero and Benzema scored 15.

According to the data, Messi has surpassed Ronaldo one this season. Edwards, former president of Manchester United, spoke about the difference between the two in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport: When scoring, Messi prefers to embrace his teammates on his own initiative, while Ronaldo is more selfish. He prefers to celebrate himself and hopes to run towards him.

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