Chinese Junior General Boxed by FC Players in Hanoi

 Chinese Junior General Boxed by FC Players in Hanoi

Hanoi FC is the big black horse in this competition. This Vietnamese team not only defeated Evergrande, but also miraculously defeated South American team Banfield 1-0! Unfortunately, although they won two consecutive wins, Vietnams team still had to compete in qualifying because of the 0-8 defeat to Spartak. This ushered in the happiness of Hebei Huaxia.

The match between Chinese and Vietnamese football youth training has naturally aroused concern. After all, both the national youth and Evergrande U17 lost to Vietnamese football before. However, in the case of 0-0, an accident occurred in the 77th minute. An attacking player in Huaxia, Hebei Province, accidentally met the Vietnamese goalkeeper in a rush. As a result, a player in Hanoi suddenly committed violence on the court. He even punched the Chinese player to the ground. Both players were stunned by the scene.

The Chinese players were instantly covered with blood. Because the Vietnamese players moved very fast, the referee only showed yellow cards at first, but saw how serious the situation was, he immediately awarded a red card. The small players in China were bloodshed after their opponents hit the corners of their eyes with a punch. At this time, the stadium began to appear chaotic. Team doctors came on. Fortunately, the players in China maintained good manners and did not care about their opponents.

The violent Vietnamese player was also scolded by the coach after being sent off, and the player seemed to feel his own problems and bowed his head in silence. To be fair, the whole process is unexpected. Maybe a lot of young players have not experienced such a scene, they are somewhat confused.

The Vietnamese players behaviour is so bad that he should be punished more for such violence! ___________ It is commendable for Hebei Huaxia players to keep calm. Such violence should not be allowed in football matches, especially in teenagersmatches.

Source of this article: Black Liu Ding Responsible Editor: Xu Song_NS1943