Teresa May defended critics for delaying her exit from Europe by asking her to resign.

 Teresa May defended critics for delaying her exit from Europe by asking her to resign.

Delaying it again eliminates the risk that Britain will leave without an agreement on the 12th, but Teresa May has given little new information on how she will resolve the biggest political crisis in Britain in more than 70 years. She sought to reach an agreement with Labour with a view to enabling her three-time rejected exit agreement to be passed by Parliament.

This is not the normal way of British politics... The process of reaching consensus will not be easy, because success will require concessions from both sides, Teresa May told Parliament.

Source: British Prime Minister Teresa May.

Teresa Mays statement on the second postponement of the exit from Europe provoked angry reactions from hardliners who hoped to leave as soon as possible. Bill Cash, the leading Eurosceptic, called it a despicable surrender.

Does she also acknowledge that the agreement undermines our democratic system, the constitutional basis of Northern Ireland, our right to autonomy and control of the law, and the interests of our country? Will she resign? He said.

Teresa May responded, I think you know the answer.

She said it was imperative to withdraw from the EU and stressed that she hoped that Britain would ratify a de-EU agreement as soon as possible so as to avoid participating in the European Parliament elections on May 23.

Source: British Parliament.

Colbin, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, is critical of further delays in leaving Europe. The second extension in two weeks represents not only a diplomatic failure, but also another milestone in the governments inappropriate handling of the entire process of decolonization, he said.

Nevertheless, the two men expressed their desire to continue their consultations.

Teresa May urged parliamentarians to make good use of the parliamentary recess before April 23 to reflect on the situation in Britain. By then, lets find a way out of the impasse so that we can reach an agreement to leave the EU as soon as possible, she said.

But doubters in the Conservative Party warned that they would be prepared to veto the agreement for the fourth time if the outcome of negotiations with Labour was to ask them to vote again on the original agreement.

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