American Mans Defender: Hes just a drunken child

 American Mans Defender: Hes just a drunken child

It dates back to more than a year ago, in 2017, more than 160 cultural relics from several museums in Shaanxi Province were on loan at the Franklin Society Museum in the United States.

In December 2017, American man Rohana slipped into the Franklin Institution Museum, broke the terracotta warriorsthumbs and stole them, and was later arrested and prosecuted.

Qianjiang Evening News reporter called the Shaanxi Cultural Relics Bureau responsible for the matter yesterday, and the person in charge of the exchange office said that the fingers of terracotta warriors and horses were still being repaired and would respond further to the relevant situation.

Defender: Hes just a drunken child.

According to CCTV reports, prosecutors said Rohana broke his thumb and took it home. It was a theft or a theft. Rohana did not deny his actions in court.

Other US media disclosed some details about the trial.

According to Fox News on April 10, the jury deliberated for 11 hours on whether Michael Rohana should be convicted of crimes including theft and concealment of cultural heritage items.

In her final statement, Rohannas defender, Catherine Henry, said he was just a drunk child.

Rohana himself said, I dont know why I want to destroy it. Every time I see this video now, I try to figure out what was going on in your mind? What were you thinking? I dont know why I was so stupid, he said.

Reported that although Rohana admitted to committing such a crime, but his lawyer said that according to the relevant laws, he was not correctly charged. Federal prosecutors say they will decide whether to reopen the case by May.

Chen Xusheng, former deputy curator of the National Museum, said in an interview with the media that although it was emotionally difficult to accept such an outcome, we could not interfere with legal procedures and judgments in the United States.

Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Center: Never had such a vicious event occurred

A 24-year-old man from Delaware sneaked into the closed exhibition hall on December 21 last year when he attended an evening party at the museum. He took a self-timer with the terracotta warriors and horses, then broke their left thumb and put it in his pocket. He left the exhibition hall, Xinhua reported at the time.

Museum staff found the terracotta warriors and horses missing a thumb on January 8, 2018. After investigation, FBI agents found Rohana in Delaware, who admitted his actions and surrendered the thumbs of Terra Cotta Warriors hiding at home.

Rohana was charged with stealing important works of art from museums and hiding them, as well as trans-state transportation of stolen goods. Later, Rohana was released on bail.

Local media quoted a spokesman for the Franklin Institution Museum as saying that the finger of the terracotta warriors and horses was stolen because security service providers did not follow standard procedures.

In this incident, the relevant exhibition halls and security companies have an inescapable responsibility: closing the hall without closing the door, the alarm system is virtual, 18 days after the incident was discovered, and other management negligence and loopholes are alarming.

After the incident, the Philadelphia city government quickly passed a resolution and made a written apology to the Chinese side. The Franklin Museum has also promised to restore the terracotta warriors and horses.

According to media reports, the terracotta warriors and horses were worth $4.5 million (about 29.5 million yuan at that time).

After the incident, the Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Center said at that time that it had offered to send two experts who had been engaged in the restoration of terracotta warriors and horses to the United States for a long time to repair the damaged terracotta warriors and horses. The person in charge said that the Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Center has been responsible for more than 260 cultural relics outreach in the past 40 years, and there has never been such a vicious event. Before this cooperative exhibition, they signed a detailed exhibition agreement with the American Museum and made a comprehensive investigation of its environment, security and technical measures. But it was not expected that such a thing would happen. As the undertaker, they deeply feel guilty and will learn lessons from it.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses Damage Trial in the United States to cite controversial U.S. netizens: to retry the ruthless sentence

Overseas Network, April 11, 2017 The case of American men breaking and stealing the fingers of Terracotta Warriors and Horses has made new progress recently. However, to many peoples surprise and indignation, because the jury disagreed on whether the defendant was guilty or not, the local court ruled that the trial was invalid and the jury was dissolved.

Chinese Response to the Finger Trial of American Youth Stealing Terracotta Warriors and Horses

On November 11, the official microblog of the State Administration of Cultural Relics said that on September 9, local courts in the United States declared invalid the judgment of American youth involved in the case of breaking and stealing the fingers of terracotta warriors and horses in the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in 2017, because jury members disagreed on whether the defendant was guilty or not, and the jury was dissolved. The prosecution will decide whether to restart the case by May 15. In this regard, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Center on the evening of November 11 that before the final judgment of the United States, China will continue to pay attention to and follow up the progress of the case, safeguard Chinas rights and interests according to law, and firmly safeguard the dignity of Chinese cultural relics.