Tesla cancelled the $35,000 base model 3 online sales

 Tesla cancelled the $35,000 base model 3 online sales

Netease Technologies News, April 12, according to Electrek, Tesla announced a series of adjustments to its product line, including the cancellation of online sales of the $35,000 basic version of Model 3 (Model 3 Standard Range). All Tesla vehicles will be equipped with autopilot, a change that will drive up prices for all its products.

Tesla released a $35,000 basic version of Model 3 more than a month ago, but so far no owner has received it. Today, Tesla announced that it would remove its sales options from online stores.

For those who have ordered the car, Tesla will deliver the basic version of Plus instead. Tesla said that people can still order the basic version of Model 3 offline.

In a blog post, the company wrote: Considering that the basic version of Plus is more popular than the basic version, we decided to simplify production operations to better optimize costs, minimize complexity and simplify operations. Therefore, the basic version of Model 3 is now the limited version of Plus software. We will remove the former from the online order menu, which means that in order to order it, customers need to call us or visit Tesla stores.

Tesla also said that for users who ordered the base version of Model 3 last month, the company will start delivering the limited version of the software for the base version of Plus this weekend. The automaker defended that the current base version of Plus sold more than six times more than the unlisted base version.

Most importantly, Tesla announced that it would make the Autopilot package standard for all its vehicles. Although this will lead to higher prices for infrastructure, Tesla said buyers will get more benefits.

Tesla said in a statement: All Tesla cars are now equipped with autopilot, it will be as a standard function configuration, bundling price is lower than the previous cost. For example, the model 3 base version of Plus used to sell for $37,500 and the autopilot for $3,000. Now, the car with an autopilot sells for $39500.

Before making these adjustments, Tesla has recently made several price changes to its products, many of which involve autopilot functions. (small)

Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541