The opening ceremony of Beijing International Film Festival will show the goddess.

 The opening ceremony of Beijing International Film Festival will show the goddess.

Beiqing Net-Beijing Youth Daily reported on April 12 that on April 11, the Organizing Committee of Beijing International Film Festival and the Information Office of Beijing Municipal Peoples Government jointly held the opening and closing ceremony of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival News Center, announcing that many domestic and foreign filmmakers, such as Sophie Marceau, Christopher Warken, Liyuan Scroll and Huge, will gather at the opening and closing ceremony.

opening and closing ceremonies

Famous Filmmakers at Home and Abroad

The opening and closing ceremonies of the 9th Beijing International Film Festival will be held at Huairou National Film Digital Production Base from April 13 to April 20. The theme of this Beijing International Film Festival is Home and Country, with the greatest feature of pursuing the ultimate presentation of film texture. At the opening ceremony, almost all the programs are completed by the filmmakers, which is a real gathering of filmmakers. Sophie Marceau, Christopher Walken, Liyuan Scroll, Huge Song, Zhou Dongyu and many other domestic and foreign filmmakers will gather here.

The opening ceremony begins with the story of Kite, the first Chinese-foreign co-production of childrens film in New China. This kite will travel through China and France to start an extraordinary journey of the film and bring Sophie Marceau to the opening ceremony. In addition to the French goddess, the Japanese star Keihara Koji, who was favored by contemporaries, will also appear, bringing a wave of memory killings.

Actors Dili Reba and Wu Jingyan will also use dance to show the collision and integration of Chinese and Western cultures. In addition, Song Jia and Blake from the United Kingdom jointly performed the song and dance City of Love Films. Singer Mao Amin loved to sing Sculpture Time and the final flash song My Motherland and Me at the opening ceremony. She used music to recall the moments of light and shadow that had touched us.

In the closing ceremony and awarding ceremony, 10 well-known filmmakers will share their dreams of home and country as film dreamer and unveil the mystery of the top ten awards of the Temple of Heaven Award. Young actors Li Yifeng, Guan Xiaotong and singer Sun Nan will perform songs such as This is the Movie, Longwen, Remember Me and I Love You China.

Record unit

Three rounds of appraisal of 13 works

The documentation module of the Beijing International Film Festival will be opened on the morning of April 17, 2019 at the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center. The activities will last for two days. They mainly include five parts: evaluation, exhibition, forum, release and salon.

The opening ceremony is divided into two parts. The first part will issue certificates for the selected documentary films and excellent recommended works. This record unit has received nearly 200 works from many countries and regions. After three rounds of evaluation by international expert jury, 13 works will be included in the final list.

The second part will release a number of information, including the interpretation of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Video Plan of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games Organizing Committee, the release of the documentary video of the Winter Olympic Games on the Beijing TV Documentary Channel and the youth directors support plan.

In addition, the documentary unit is committed to exploring the industrialization of documentary images into the cinema. In 2019, four excellent documentary films will be shown on the cinema line, including Good Angel, Blind Walker, Last Desert Watcher and Wonderful Ocean.

Future Unit

Ten films were shown abroad

In 2014, the Beijing International Film Festival initiated the Focus on the Future unit. The films selected are the directors maiden works or the second feature film. In January 2019, preparations for the Focus on the Future module were officially launched. By March 11, 311 films had been registered, of which 40% were global premieres, international premieres and Asian premieres, and will be officially opened on April 12.

The opening film is Chinese director Zhu Yuanqings debut film Three Adventures of Xingxi. After four monthsselection, the Focus on the Future unit has 12 films selected for exhibition, including 10 overseas films, covering 11 countries and regions, and 2 domestic films.

The biggest highlight of the Focus on the Future module in 2019 is the addition of international premieres and Asian premieres that have not been seen in the past five sessions, including two international premieres and three Asian premieres. These films will be shown in the standard projection Hall of Beijing Film Academy from April 12 to 18.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily Editor-in-Charge: Chen Shaojie_b6952