Liu Jianhong: Want Klinsmann to save Chinese football? Thats all.

 Liu Jianhong: Want Klinsmann to save Chinese football? Thats all.

Liu Jianhongs voice on the social platform: I heard that he has come to China. Since 1982, when he fell in love with the German team and later the Troika led Inter and Germany to the championship, Klinsmann is the most classic representative. Promoting the Bundesliga is also the most appropriate person, but if you want to save Chinese football, thats all. Only more than 20,000 licensed coaches of Chinese football, the root of poverty has long been dead, limiting the imagination of the league and national team! Coach is the biggest bottleneck!

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, Cannavaro, who was very close to the Chinese mens football coach, has not signed a contract with the Chinese Football Association, and said: Klinsmann has rich experience in coaching, has a strong appeal in international football, and has no contract at present. He meets the criteria of the national football coach in several aspects.

It is also understood that Klinsmann does have the possibility to take over the national football team, but the preliminary stage of the World Cup is getting closer and closer, in such a short time, whether to bring the national football team well will be a major challenge.

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