New Challenge! Wang Meng has made remarkable achievements since he became a new role coach.

 New Challenge! Wang Meng has made remarkable achievements since he became a new role coach.

As an athlete, Wang Meng has a brilliant career and is the symbol of winter sports in China. In 2006, Wang Meng, who first appeared on the Olympic stage, won the womens 500m gold medal in short track speed skating in 44.345 seconds, and created an era of her own.

At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Wang Meng set two Olympic records in the womens 500m preliminary and semi-final competitions, and achieved the gold medal succession in this event. Later, she won the womens 1000-meter and 3000-meter relay Championship together with her teammates, becoming the first triple champion in Chinese short track history.

DATA PICTURE: Wang Meng boarded the Olympic highest podium, Zhongxin News Agency, Sheng Jiapeng Photograph

If it hadnt been for the unexpected injury before Sochis Winter Olympics, there would have been a new collection in her honor room. So far, the Chinese delegation has won 13 gold medals since participating in the Winter Olympic Games, four of which belong to Wang Meng.

Last May, Wang Meng, who has been out of the track for several years, took up the whip to start his coaching career and took charge of the national cross-border speed skating training team. This team is mainly responsible for the training and selection of cross-border athletes. The purpose of this team is to discover, train and reserve speed skaters for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022.

At the beginning of October last year, less than four months before the team put up its flag, Wang Meng led the team to the Calgary Short Track Speed Skating Western Elite Competition. Although the level of competition is not very high, it is gratifying that Chinese athletes have won many championships in short track speed skating, especially nearly breaking the world youth record of mens 3000m relay.

Source: Lu Ting_NS5242, Responsible Editor of CNN