What does it mean for Shenzhens two secretaries of the Political and Legal Commission to fall behind?

 What does it mean for Shenzhens two secretaries of the Political and Legal Commission to fall behind?

Li Hua Nan

Its good to be bully, but its easy to get discouraged if you dont have the strength to support it. Li Huanan, former deputy secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, was very domineering. After Li Huanans horse fell in October last year, some people commented that he did things with great vigour and popularity, and others said that he had a killing face. This kind of evaluation is not casual. It can also be seen from the Circular of Guangdong Disciplinary Commission to him.

On the 10th, the Guangdong Discipline Commissions Supervisory Committee announced that Li Huanan had been dismissed from Party membership and public office and transferred to the procuratorial organs for prosecution. The briefing used a very harsh tone, referring to Li Huanans violation of political discipline against organizational censorship. Deviating from the Partys purpose, they are willing to be hunted by corruption, live in luxury, have a corrupt style of work, and have a bad family style. They violate the Partys discipline seriously, and they do not know how to be awed after the Eighteenth Congress of the Party. A person who does not know how to be awed can usually be hegemonic, just think about it.

Li Huanan has been in the ups and downs of Shenzhens political and legal system for 25 years. Several key nodes deserve our most attention. In 2010, he was transferred from the Standing Deputy Director of Shenzhen Peoples Congress to the President of Shenzhen Intermediate Court and the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of Political Science and Law. In 2011, he became the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of Shenzhen Municipal Committee. In just over a year, the realization of the critical turning point reminds us of the Lins List. We have mentioned in many Looman Wen articles that Lin Cunde, Deputy Minister of the Organizational Department of the provincial Party committee, who presided over the change of Guangdong officialdom in 2011, turned the change into a power and money transaction. Lin Cunde provided a list after he fell from the horse, including Wan Qingliang and Li Jia. Li Huanans leap-forward promotion has nothing to do with this list, but wait for the results of the survey.

Another node is 2016. At the end of 2015, the whole country was shocked by the landslide in Guangming New Area of Shenzhen. Six months later, Li Huanan served as Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee and director of the Social Work Committee of Guangming New Area, serving as secretary of the Party and Labour Committee of Guangming New Area. It was interesting that Li Huanan was somewhat ordered between dangers. This also shows from one side that while he is engaged in corruption, on the one hand, he seems to have great enthusiasm and ability for work and has the characteristics of two-sided people. After assuming the trust of the organization and assuming the post of Guangming New Area, what action Li Huanan has taken needs further investigation. But the news is that some of the land projects that had been explicitly called off before started construction again with his intervention. A few days after Li Huanans fall, Zheng Kanghao, the real estate companys actual controller at Royal Court International, was confirmed to have assisted the relevant authorities in their investigation, believed to be related to Li Huanans case.

Another key figure related to Li Huanan is Jiang Zunyu, former Secretary of the Shenzhen Political and Legal Commission, known as the five poisonous cadres. Apart from being Li Huanans predecessor, the two men have a lot of overlaps. They had worked together in the Shenzhen Municipal Committee for three years. Huang Changqing, Jiang Zunyus relative and former vice president of Shenzhen Intermediate Court, was once a subordinate of Li Huanan. Both of them were involved in gambling and other content in the announcement, and they did not know whether they had gambled together or not.

Over the past few years, we have seen too many examples of corrupt succession of several leading cadres, and even the collective failure of the whole team. However, the two Shenzhen Political and Legal Committee secretaries have fallen into disgrace, which still seems remarkable. This is related to the special influence and symbolic significance of Shenzhen. What does it mean for Shenzhen when the two secretaries of the Political and Legal Commission fall behind?

This first means that the political ecology of Shenzhens political and legal system may have been affected to some extent. Its hard to imagine that the Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission has fallen into disgrace. Its only his personal corruption, not the people in the bad political and legal ranks, let alone his two terms. After Jiang Zunyus relatives Huang Changqing fell from power, several judges in Longgang District were found to have given him money for promotion. Compared with Jiang Zunyu, Li Huanans old political law has more influence in the political and legal system, and its political equivalent will be greater. Three months before his fall, Yang Yongping, a member of the Party and Labor Committee of Guangming New Area and director of the Public Security Bureau, had been examined and investigated. According to her resume, Li Huanan was the direct superior of Yang Yongping when she took up the post of Guangming New Area.

Shenzhen has an important symbolic significance for the reform and is also the leading area for the reform. The rule of law is the basic premise of the reform, especially when the reform enters the deepwater area, when the economic structure is facing a climb over the slope, the environment of the rule of law will be put forward higher requirements. It can even be said that when the economic and social development to a certain extent, the competition between economies is often the competition in the soft environment, and the rule of law environment is one of the most important yardsticks. Clearing up the harmful horses in the political and legal ranks and reshaping the clean and clear environment of rule of law are of great significance to Shenzhen as a pilot field of reform.

On the day of Li Huanans fall, Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, pointed out with great emphasis that the anti-corruption situation in Shenzhen is still grim and complex, and that there is still a long way to go to comprehensively and strictly administer the Party. It seems that the anti-corruption story of the Special Administrative Region should continue. This is not only the call of the season, but also the call of the earth.

Source: Tuanjie Lake Reference Responsibility Editor: Su Hong-hung_NBJ9980