Businessmen failed to collect debts after bribery and suicide reports led to the fall of several officials.

 Businessmen failed to collect debts after bribery and suicide reports led to the fall of several officials.

I offered bribes. Ill surrender. Over the years, Wang Naisheng, a businessman in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, has said this in his letters to several cadres, including Gao Xuekun, former chairman of the CPPCC in Suzhou.

In early April, Wang Naisheng told upstream journalists that Gao Xuekun was a talented businessman. Whether he worked in Kunshan or Huaian, he regarded himself as a pioneer in promoting the Kunshan Experience and was surrounded by businessmen. One of the most famous is Xiangjun, a real estate businesswoman who started as a hotel lobby manager.

Relying on the special relationship between Gao Xuekun and Xiangjun, the private clubs run by Xiangjun and his wife have become the platform of political and business communication in Kunshan and Suzhou. The investment and promotion of projects have been finalized in the process of staggered planning. The figures in these under-the-table transactions also include Wang Naisheng and Xiangjun: they start a company in partnership and run projects together. But the good times are not long. Because of the loss of more than 10 million yuan and the fact that Xiangjun misappropriated more than 1 million yuan of cash from his account, the two partners had a huge difference and failed to negotiate for many times. Wang Naisheng began to report.

In August 2018, Gao Xuekun was charged with bribery by Zhenjiang Peoples Procuratorate to Zhenjiang Intermediate Peoples Court, and the case is still under trial. Around Gao Xuekun, the network of political and business relations has emerged.

With several officials related to Gao Xuekun dropping off one after another, the private club where Ying Geyan danced has been locked.

I am willing to cooperate with the investigation, and I will not evade the responsibility. Wang Naisheng said.

_Private clubs run by Xiangjun and his wife.

Unusual lobby manager

Xiangjun is Wang Naishengs former colleague. Although they are not in the same department, Wang Naishengs name is often heard by his colleagues.

I met Xiangjun when I was working at the Jiadun Hotel in Kunshan. She was the lobby manager at that time. Wang Naisheng said that in 2000, Jiadun Hotel was the highest-grade hotel in Kunshan. Many important meetings were held here. Xiangjun was familiar with many leaders because of his work. Among them, Gao Xuekun, then deputy secretary of the Kunshan Municipal Committee and vice mayor, was the most familiar one.

Gao Xuekuns family was five minuteswalk from the Jiatong Hotel, when many colleagues talked privately about the unusual relationship between Xiangjun and the mayor of Gao Xuekun. Wang Naisheng recalls.

Gao Xuekun is a Kunshan native, claiming to be a witness, experienced and practitioner of Kunshan Experience. Gao Xuekun, born in 1955, has served as Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhangpu Town and Chengbei Town, Director of the Foreign Economic Commission of Kunshan City, Director of the Development Zone Management Committee and Vice Mayor of Kunshan City. He holds important positions in many economic towns and important investment attraction posts.

According to people familiar with the matter, Gao Xuekuns promotion was related to his old superior, Ji Jianye, who became the mayor of Nanjing. Ji Jianye served as the mayor of Kunshan, Gao Xuekun was the director of the Foreign Economic Commission and the Development Zone Management Committee, and Gao Xuekun was promoted to Vice Mayor when Ji Jianye was the Secretary of the Municipal Committee. After Ji Jianye moved out of Kunshan, Gao Xuekun became the Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Committee.

Gao Xuekuns term of office is also a period of expansion of investment in Kunshan City, so there are always rumors of businessmen around Gao Xuekun. Insider said.

During this period, Xiangjun resigned from the hotel, went to Shanghai to study finance and then transformed into real estate, and participated in several projects. In a few years, he purchased luxury cars and many real estate. According to people familiar with the situation, all of these can not be separated from Gao Xuekuns support.

I met Xiangjun again in 2008, when she cooperated with others to develop the commercial and residential building of Chaoyang Square and Xinbai Business Club Building in Kunshan, and opened Junmei English Training Institute on the fourth floor. I studied in English class for several days. Her husband is from northern Jiangsu, so she often helps her send foreign teachers and students voluntarily. Of course, she helped me find the leader to do a few things. Once again, Wang Naisheng saw the relationship between Xiangjun and his wife.

According to Wang Naisheng, although Gao Xuekun had been appointed Vice Mayor of Huaian City at that time, his accumulated relationships in Kunshan for many years still made him play a decisive role in the political and business circles of Kunshan. Mr. and Mrs. Xiangjun also mentioned to Wang Naisheng many times that they were familiar with Mayor Gao, which also enhanced Wang Naishengs confidence in cooperating with Mr. and Mrs. Xiangjun.

In 2010, Xiangjun registered Huaian Junyue Real Estate Co., Ltd. in Huaian City, which mainly develops real estate. The company is registered in the government compound of Bochi Township, Huaian City. Ive been there several times, and she often goes in and out of the city hall in a black-topped Porsche Cayenne. The license plate number is very conspicuous, the same as Gao Xuekuns cell phone tail number. Wang Naisheng said that in 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Xiangjun invited him to visit Huaian City. During the visit, Wang Naisheng accompanied him to the city government to visit Gao Xuekun. She went up by herself. My husband and I waited downstairs for more than two hours.

Wang Naisheng said that every time she met with Xiangjun, she would particularly emphasize the close relationship with Gao Xuekun, and that it was also Gao Xuekuns instruction to register the company in Huaian.

In the telephone recordings provided by Wang Naisheng and Xiangjun, the reporter noticed that Xiangjun repeatedly mentioned the name of Mayor Gao (Gao Xuekun). Even after the collapse of their cooperation, Xiangjun said, Why should Mayor Gao let me pay and let him call me?

_Wang Naisheng sought Gao Xuekuns coordination many times because of his economic disputes with Xiangjun.

Kunshan Political and Business Circle in the Club

Wang Naisheng began to cooperate with Xiangjun in April 2012. Xiangjun invited me to have tea and talked about Gao Xuekuns return to Suzhou to serve. She can use her connections to help me introduce my business. Im responsible for paying. She was given a commission after the event. But the introduction was unsuccessful. Until September, she said that with the leaderships advice, we could start a company to avoid risks and facilitate business.

Therefore, Wang Naisheng invested and registered Suzhou Junmei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (Junmei Company) on September 3 of the same year. Previously, Xiangjun also transformed the original training center into a private club for entertaining Kunshan officials and their private friends. There are professional recording studios, tea rooms, massage rooms, VIP lounges, restaurants and so on in the clubhouse. These equipment are purchased according to the requirements of Xiangjun. She said it is to cater to the interests of leaders. Wang Naisheng said that over 20 times around the club, violin teachers from a music academy in Suzhou were invited to come to help them enjoy various entertainment projects.

Yang Yongsong, chairman of the Kunshan Original Text Federation, published in the local media in Suzhou, an article entitled A Cat named Stephen describes Xiangjuns club as follows: There is a lot of traffic at the junction of Renmin Road and Chaoyang Road in Kunshan City. Looking up from here, the four floors of a building look very plain and quiet on the outside, even without a billboard. However, take the elevator to the fourth floor, quietly open the door, then suddenly open: famous paintings, famous porcelain, famous sculptures, like the kaleidoscope world of art. Its amazing to hear the beautiful voice of Nobody Sleeps Tonight again.

Wang Naisheng told upstream journalists that when kitchen facilities were not perfect, the clubhouse was crowded with people. Apart from Gao Xuekun, who was transferred back from Huaian City to Suzhou as chairman of the CPPCC, many officials, including Xueyuan, former deputy director of the Kunshan Peoples Congress, who had fallen behind or are still in office, were regular visitors to the clubhouse. This is not only the place where Xiangjun and Wang Naisheng construct their relationship network, but also the communication platform of Kunshan political circle.

According to several consumption lists provided by Wang Naisheng, in August 2012 alone, Club consumption amounted to 95,500 yuan (excluding drinks). In order to cater to the taste of Shen Mou-mou, we invited the chef of Sharks Fin Building in Yiyuan, Kunshan, with kitchen utensils to the clubhouse for on-site processing, which mainly includes sea cucumber, abalone, sharks fin and other dishes for 95500 yuan. In July of the same year, at the request of Xiangjun, Wang Naisheng and Xiangjun together purchased a Hermes mans purse worth 60,000 yuan in Shanghai and gave it to others.

In the exchange of the club, Xiangjun and Wang Naisheng also met a group of key officials of the then Kunshan Municipal Government and Department.

Wang Naisheng was impressed by the fact that on the evening of January 19, 2014, six officials such as Chen Moumou came to the meeting hall for recreation. At that time, Wang Naisheng was having a dinner with the project personnel of Kunshan Power Supply Company. Upon receiving the phone call from Xiangjun, I rushed back to the club and prepared a red envelope totaling 14,000 yuan for them. Wang Naisheng said that Chen played the role of public relations at that time. He was responsible for integrating officials from various departments into the political circle of the club. In just over a year, Wang Naisheng had traveled to and from Chens family nearly 20 times. Frequent and high-standard banquets facilitated the recruitment of Xiangjun and Wang Naisheng in the later period.

In addition to high-standard banquets, there is another killers mace to be sure that officials in the clubs political circle will be able to facilitate it. In the interview, Wang Naisheng emphasized that when the club was decorated, Xiangjun asked him to replace the camera with a high-definition one, and designated a buyer. These probes can be taken all day without dead corners, and some of them are hidden in the grid ceiling, which ordinary people can not find. In order to leave a handle for officials.

Wang Naisheng said that by the beginning of 2014, the club had received more than double-digit officials at all levels in Kunshan. In addition to attending the banquet, each invited official will receive various gifts including tea, cordyceps, mobile phones and hairy crabs. Therefore, many government projects, including the project of Kunshan Power Supply Company, are closed in the club. I have an account of bribery. Wang Naisheng said.

Although the clubhouse is no longer accessible, it can be seen in many videos and photo files that the clubhouse is luxuriously decorated and there are many photos of stars hanging. It is worth mentioning that because Gao Xuekun likes cats, there are more than 200 precious pet cats in the club, which costs more than 30,000 yuan a month to keep only cats.

_In August 2012 alone, the club spent nearly 100,000 yuan.

75% of unqualified government projects

In September 2012, after the establishment of Junmei Company, Wang Naisheng and his cousin Wang Chengguo accounted for 49% of the shares, while Xiangjun couple accounted for 51%. According to industry and Commerce data, at present, the companys legal person is Xiangjuns father, and Xiangjuns couple are the ultimate beneficiaries. There are nine related companies.

The company mainly focuses on greening, municipal and road engineering. Three months after the establishment of the company, Junmei Company submitted an application for three-level qualification of general contracting for municipal public works construction to the former Kunshan Housing and Construction Bureau. Reporters learned that according to the requirements of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, this qualification management needs 50 employees with relevant professional qualification of construction engineering and above, and more than 8 million yuan of professional equipment.

We spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy more than 50 fake degrees and an equipment invoice with a price of more than 8 million yuan. The staff includes the cook and illiterate relatives of my family. In the stage of publicity, Wang Chengguo, the legal representative at that time, was reported to have falsified his academic qualifications. Xiangjun found the then head of the Bureau of Housing and Construction and sent high-end gifts to help solve the problem. He invited the relevant leaders at the banquet hall. A month later, Junmei Company has obtained the municipal public three-level qualification certificate. Wang Naisheng said that before he cooperated with Xiangjun, he had also solicited projects. Based on his experience, it took more than one year for general construction enterprises to apply even with real documents.

Although Junmei Municipal Public Qualification Certificate was issued on January 24, 2013, Junmei received Kunshan Power Supply Companys business from the dining room table in November 2012. Wang Naisheng told upstream journalists, At the dinner table, the head of the power supply company has agreed to give the project to Junmei. But at that time there was no qualifications, so we found the leadership of the Bureau of Housing and Construction, handwritten and signed under the application for qualifications submitted by us, indicating that Junmei City-level three-level qualifications are being accepted and processed. After stamping the official seal, the power supply company took Junmei Company into the scope of bidding and contracted the project.

With this method, Junmei Company has successively undertaken civil engineering projects such as Kunshan Megit and Duke Education and Training Center without qualification certificate and safety production license.

On January 18, 2019, the supervisory department of Suzhou Power Supply Company reported back to Wang Naisheng that the staff of Shunda Electric Power Company (a subsidiary enterprise of Kunshan Power Supply Company) did accept the banquet of Junmei Company, checked the unqualified rate of some projects by 75%, punished the staff, and promised to recoup Junmei Company. Wang Naisheng said that up to now, Junmei Company has not been recovered. At the same time, for Wang Naishengs report about Junmei Companys false declaration of qualifications, Kunshan Bureau of Housing and Construction Information Center has repeatedly responded that the Bureau only formally reviews the information of administrative approval, and does not need to distinguish the authenticity of the documents.

_In the absence of a qualification certificate, Kunshan City Housing and Construction Bureau issued a statement for Junmei Company, which Junmei Company successfully won the bid.

3.5 million buyouts 10 million losses

In Wang Naishengs view, Junmeis business can not be separated from Gao Xuekuns care, because these people we deal with are closely related to Gao Xuekun. Wang Naisheng said that he has invested more than 10 million yuan since the two cooperated. In addition to gifts and club expenses, his underwear as small as Xiangjun and luxury goods as gifts are all paid for by him, but he has not received any financial return. Although he is upset, considering Gao Xuekuns political relationship, Wang Naisheng chose to continue to invest.

On Dec. 10, 2013, Junmeis power supply project cost was 1.7882.49 million yuan. Xiangjun, the legal representative of the company at that time, transferred 1.2 million yuan to his private account through Kunshan Junmei Travel Service Co., Ltd. Ten days later, Junmei transferred to Wang Naisheng 100,000 yuan. Because of the uneven distribution of dissatisfaction, Wang Naisheng demanded fees from Xiangjun. Xiangjun said that other project funds should be paid after entering the accounts.

In the Spring Festival of 2014, Wang Naisheng asked the company to verify the accounts and dividend the company was refused by Xiangjun. Wang Naisheng borrowed 1 million yuan from Xiangjun because of the shortage of funds in his company. A few days later, the repayment was 1.01 million yuan as agreed in advance.

In April 2014, the relationship between the two deteriorated and the liquidation of the company began. However, due to uneven distribution of interests, it was only temporarily suspended.

In May of the same year, because Wang Naishengs cousin Wang Chengguo was suspected of forging official documents with others, Xiangjun received a lawsuit sent by the court. So Xiangjun reported to Kunshan police that Wang Naisheng was suspected of carving official seals and forging documents (signatures). Later, according to the response of Kunshan 12345 hotline on September 13, 2018, Zhongxiangjun admitted that the signature in the document was his signature and seal. Thereafter, the case was settled by internal contradictions within the company.

According to the transcripts of the court proceedings of Meng merchants and Xiangjun, in order to solve the contradiction with Wang Naisheng, Xiangjun found Meng merchants to coordinate through the local police station. He asked me to accept two million dollars in compensation and quit the company. I strongly disagree. Wang Naisheng said that Meng businessmen are very famous in Kunshan, and he has repeatedly mentioned the name of the former leader of Kunshan Public Security Bureau. Therefore, Wang Naisheng has always suspected that Xiangjun wanted to use the police and local forces to drive him out of the company. No way, I can only go to Gao Xuekun.

On July 10, 2014, Wang Naisheng stuffed a material describing the dispute process into Gao Xuekuns door. That night, Gao Xuekun answered Wang Naisheng by telephone that he would deal with the matter with Shen Mou. On July 21, a businessman surnamed Meng sent a coordinating opinion that the amount of compensation could be increased to 3.5 million yuan. As Gao Xuekun promised Wang Naisheng, the remaining loss was compensated by introducing the project. On that day, Wang Naisheng signed an equity transfer agreement with Xiangjun and withdrew from Junmei Company. According to the Equity Transfer Agreement, Xiangjun invested 3.5 million yuan to buy 49% of Wang Naisheng and Wang Chengguos shares. Mengs businessman will pay 1.5 million yuan in the first installment on behalf of Xiangjun, and the balance will be paid within two months. The agreement only mentions equity and some of the costs of investing in the companys office and clubs, but it does not mention how I will deal with the money I paid for Junmeis high-end gifts and luxury goods for bribery. Wang Naisheng said he was not satisfied with the agreement.

In September 2014, Xiangjun paid Wang Naisheng 20,000 yuan, and there was no news.

After Wang Naisheng urged him many times, Xiangjun reported the case to the Suzhou Criminal Police Detachment by extortion. Police in Suzhou and Kunshan have repeatedly approached Wang Naisheng for investigation.

On January 22, 2019, the Kunshan Public Security Bureau responded in writing to Kunshan 12345 that, after investigation by the criminal police detachment of the Municipal Bureau (Suzhou Public Security Bureau) and Kunshan Public Security Bureau, there was no evidence to prove that there was suspected extortion.

In the court transcripts of the merchants surnamed Meng and Xiangjun, one side of Xiangjun said that Wang Naisheng was accused only at the request of the leader and made false statements in the accusation.

_Economic disputes have been listed as key disputes in Kunshan.

Crazy Reporting

At the end of November 2014, Wang Naisheng found Gao Xuekun again after he repeatedly asked Xiangjun for the last money without success. Gao Xuekun asked a then leader of Kunshan City to come forward and deal with the matter. The leader coordinated with Chen Mou, a local entrepreneur in Kunshan. According to industrial and commercial data, there are 34 actual holding enterprises, including real estate, gas stations, hotels, minerals, agricultural and trade markets and other fields.

Under this leadership arrangement, Chen agreed to help settle the payment. But Xiangjun put forward to use his real estate as collateral and sign a symbolic procedure, which was repeatedly delayed by Xiangjun.

In the recording provided by Wang Naisheng, upstream journalists heard that Xiangjun said, Mayor Gao (Gao Xuekun) asked me to pay. You asked him to call me... The then leader of Kunshan, who participated in mediation, said, The old leader asked me to coordinate. The money is not in my hands, and I have no money for you.... Wang Naisheng suspected that this was their strategy of procrastination.

During the period of asking for the balance, Wang Naisheng found the district where the leader lived many times, and was detained for 12 hours by the police of Kunshan Science and Education Park Police Station, and issued a warning letter of illegal debt collection.

On February 28, 2015, Wang Naisheng, who heard that a gas station project was about to be tendered, found Gao Xuekun and hoped that he could help coordinate the contracting to offset the balance of 2 million yuan. Gao Xuekun once again proposed to be coordinated by the above-mentioned leaders of Kunshan at that time, but the project was unsuccessful. In the meantime, I got calls many times to keep things from getting too big.

In March 2015, Wang Naisheng began to report the violations of discipline by Gao Xuekun, the above-mentioned leaders and Ren Xueyuan to the discipline inspection department, and reported them through webposts. During this period, Gao Xuekun repeatedly communicated with Wang Naisheng by short message, asking him to be more rational and mentioning dont insinuate, otherwise you wont get a penny. He also mentioned that his affairs were settled through consultation by a leader of the then Kunshan Municipal Committee.

On July 7, 2015, under the arrangement of relevant officials, Wang Naisheng went to Kunshan City Letters and Visits Bureau to negotiate the payment of the balance. Wang Naisheng said that after coordination, he received 2 million yuan on the same day. On 9 July, at the request of the coordinating officials, Wang Naisheng sent a letter of apology to Xiangjun and his wife. The apology letter was handwritten by me. The official personally revised it. In February 2019, Suzhou 12345 responded to Wang Naishengs complaint that the Kunshan Municipal Letter and Visit Bureau designated the matter as coordinate and handle important matters concerning letters and visits in the sixth and third paragraph of the Regulations on Letters and Visits of the State Council.

However, in July 2017, after the businessman of Meng surname filed a lawsuit against Xiangjun for his delay in returning 1.5 million yuan, Xiangjunfang said in court that it was not clear whether he had paid 3.5 million yuan in the agreement. As a result, Wang Naisheng suspected that either the 1.5 million yuan of Meng merchants or the 2 million yuan later were paid for by Xiangjun at the behest of Gao Xuekun and other officials.

_In Kunshan City Letter and Visit Bureau, Wang Naisheng wrote an apology letter.

Several Club regulars were investigated and punished

During the debt collection period, Wang Naisheng knew Cai Mouliang, a Shanghai native. After collecting more than 300,000 yuan of benefits from Wang Naisheng, Cai promised to help Wang Naisheng recover 15 million yuan of losses. So, at Cais request, Wang Naisheng faked a 10 million yuan loan including interest. On the false note, Wang Naisheng owed Cai 10 million yuan. According to Wang Naishengs multiple text messages and recording evidence, Cai Mouli claimed compensation from Gao Xuekun with the borrowed note. Since then, Wang Naisheng has been asked to report Gao Xuekun to Jiangsu Discipline Commission for many times.

On March 21, 2016, the staff of the Fourth Inspection Group of Jiangsu Discipline Commission interviewed Wang Naisheng at Kunshan Discipline Commission. On April 28, when Wang Naisheng contacted Gao Xuekun again, Gao Xuekun said on the phone, I dont owe you any money... I have an IOU. Subsequently, Cai Moulie also broke off contact with Wang Naisheng.

Wang Naisheng suspected that Cai Mouli had received more than 10 million yuan from Gao Xuekun, but he did not give it to himself according to the agreement.

On May 26, 2017, Wang Naisheng received a message belonging to the Nanjing Telecom Signal Section: Dont go to Beijing, dont report, open a price... Wang Naisheng inquired and found that the user of the number was Chen Yuanyuan.

_Jiangsu Provincial Discipline Commissions Supervisory Committee publicly informs Gao Xuekun about the situation.

A few days later, on June 6, Gao Xuekun was investigated by the Jiangsu Discipline Commission.

On February 26, 2018, the Jiangsu Discipline Commission (JISC) announced publicly that Gao Xuekun violated political discipline and confronted organizational review; violated organizational discipline and did not report personal matters according to regulations; he was not as good as telling the truth when organizing inquiries; violated integrity and discipline to seek benefits for his relativesbusiness activities; violated life discipline and had improper sexual relations with others. It is suspected that taking bribes is a crime of taking advantage of the convenience of ones position to seek benefits for others and to accept property. In addition, other suspected criminal clues of Gao Xuekun were found in the examination. According to the Regulations on Disciplinary Disposal of the Communist Party of China and other relevant provisions, Gao Xuekun was dismissed from the Party membership and public office after being studied by the Standing Committee of the Provincial Disciplinary Commission and submitted to the Standing Committee of the Provincial Commission for approval, and his suspected criminal problems, clues and related funds and materials were transferred to the judicial organs for handling according to law. Afterwards, the Peoples Procuratorate of Zhenjiang City shall institute a public prosecution to the Intermediate Peoples Court of Zhenjiang City in accordance with the law under the designated jurisdiction of the Peoples Procuratorate of Jiangsu Province. After two hearings held on October 11 and December 3, 2018, the verdict has not yet been delivered.

Ren Xueyuan, who is closely related to Gao Xuekun, was sentenced to six yearsimprisonment and a fine of 500,000 yuan by the Intermediate Peoples Court of Suzhou on June 21, 2016 for bribery.

In addition, the reporter learned that because of Wang Naishengs report, many cadres, including finance, power supply, public security and other fields, have been investigated by discipline inspection departments. Chen Mou, a businessman, was investigated by Suzhou public security organ on May 20, 2017 for falsely issuing VAT invoices. At the same time, he was ordered to pay a fine of 380 million yuan for tax evasion and tax evasion.

Recently, the upstream news telephone contacted the relevant personnel for interviews, but many interviewees expressed their unwillingness to accept interviews. Reporters repeatedly dialed Xiangjuns telephone number, all prompted that it could not be connected. Up to the time of submission, Xiangjun still did not reply to phone calls and text messages.

I will continue to report violations to the Discipline Commission. For my bribery, I am willing to surrender and take responsibility. Wang Naisheng told upstream journalists.

Gao Xuekuns high school teacher once wrote a note to him, Legend in the Tide. Gao Xuekun once claimed that there is no second person like me in Kunshan School, revealing unusual frankness and self-confidence, which did not make people feel excessive - as it was. Today, this note on Gao Xuekun is still retained by various forums, but there are many words below: In 2018, the investigation of confrontation organizations was double opened.

With the fall of Gao Xuekun, the once bustling clubs have been closed, leaving only dusty works of art and once expensive cats...

Source: Upstream News Author of Chongqing Morning News: Shen Du Responsible Editor: Su Honghong_NBJ9980