Technology-led Art HUAWEI P30 Series enables everyone to become an artist

 Technology-led Art HUAWEI P30 Series enables everyone to become an artist

The integration of science and technology with art symbolizes the transition of photography technology in the new era

What is the Future Image? For HUAWEIP30 series, the original intention of future image is to break through the boundary of artistic creation and interpret the world observation from a new perspective with outstanding technical strength and leading angle. And the solid foundation of realizing all this comes from the technological innovation breakthrough of Super Sensitive Leica Four Photographs.

It is based on the profound understanding of future image that Huawei P-series mobile phone photography has made continuous breakthroughs and iterations. The HUAWEIP30 series of Rewriting Photography Rules not only let the general public no longer miss the opportunity of artistic creation because of hardware shackles, but also let people put more energy into the works themselves.

In everyday life, limited to the field of established cognition, people see very limited things with the naked eye, the beauty we do not see and the world we do not see is infinite. The appearance of HUAWEIP30 series Super Sensitive Leica Four Photographs breaks the limitation of human visual acuity with new sensor and pixel structure. With the help of science and technology, it can stimulate the artistic inspiration in life and let everyone pick up the mobile phone, so that they can create art at any time.

The impossible of mobile phone photography becomes possible by transcending the super-sensitive Leica four-camera seen by human eyes

Reconstructing light and shadows, lighting the horizon in dark light, thanks to the powerful intake of the super-sensitive sensor and the increase of the intake brought by f/1.6 aperture, HUAWEIP30Pro has the highest sensitivity of ISO409600. It can shoot dark light works beyond expectation under the environment of extremely dark light source, and has the best performance of weak light environment in all Smartphone cameras, breaking it at one stroke. For many years, mobile phone photography has been plagued by the difficulty of normal creation in dark environment.

Due to the resonance of Huaweis concept of future image, Maizi, a director who is dedicated to light and shadow creation, launched the stop-motion animation Elephant through more than 2500 HUAWEIP30Pro photos. With modern image technology, he interpreted future image in an artistic way, expanding the artistic expression boundary of mobile phone photography.

With the continuous breakthrough of mobile phone photography technology, mobile phones have become another pair of human eyes. HUAWEIP30 series gives people unlimited imagination, breaks the established cognition, discovers and looks at the world in an artistic way with a brand-new pattern and a transcendent perspective, and discovers more unknown beauty around them.

Huaweis pursuit of beauty lies not only in the use of lens to discover beauty, but also in its further exploration of the road of combining Aesthetics with science and technology. The inspiration of HUAWEIP30 series color matching scheme comes from the reflection of clouds in the Chaka Salt Lake, which turns into a new color - the realm of the sky, showing infinite ingenuity between cubic inches. From this we can also see that it is because of the endless exploration of mobile photography and its own breakthroughs in the field of fashion art that the HUAWEIP30 series not only gives us the ability to see the world through the image, but also inspires us to discover and record the beauty around us from the perspective of art.

The science and technology aesthetics originated from photography is the beginning of HUAWEIP30 series which brings us to meet art, and is also the core of future image of HUAWEIP30 series. Today, the publics expectations for the HUAWEIP30 series have been unveiled one by one. At the same time, the HUAWEIP30 series has been officially launched, meeting the beauty that has not been seen. In fact, everyone can become an artist.

Source: Netease Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056