Following Visual China and Panoramic Network, Oriental IC Website can not be opened either.

 Following Visual China and Panoramic Network, Oriental IC Website can not be opened either.

Thirty-six krypton news, after Visual China, Panoramic Network closed the website, the Eastern IC website (dfic. cn) can not open, suspected closed. The State Copyright Administration recently issued a request that photo companies should improve copyright management mechanism, regulate copyright operation, legitimately and reasonably safeguard their rights, and not abuse their rights. The copyright protection of pictures should be included in the upcoming SwordNet 2019 special action.

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Panoramic Network Official Website Cant Open

Beijing Business Daily News (Reporter Meng Fanxia Ma changed) Following the vision of China, panoramic network also appeared the situation that the official website could not be opened. On the morning of April 12, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily clicked on the Panoramic Network official website and found that it had been unable to open.

It is reported that Panoramic Network is a new three-board listed company. The companys business model is to build a trading platform for massive copyright pictures by relying on the Internet and mobile Internet. It is based on the mode of copyright distribution and copyright owners sharing. At the same time, Panoramic Network realizes the industrial chain of image socialization and image sharing through a large number of photo resources, and is committed to creating an image ecosphere, including picture trading, and image sharing. Photo sharing, photo social networking, photo search and other ecological models, the companys revenue mainly from the sale of photo products copyright use rights and media agency fees.

According to the annual performance forecast of 2018 disclosed by Panoramic Network, during the reporting period, the company is expected to realize a net profit of - 37.883 million yuan belonging to the shareholders of listed companies.

It is worth mentioning that in March this year Panoramic Network disclosed a prompting announcement about the suspension of listing of the companys stock in the national SME share transfer system. At that time, Panoramic Network indicated that, in accordance with the current scale and market competition environment, in order to cooperate with the companys own business development strategic planning, better management and effective reduction of operating costs, the company intends to apply to the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Share Transfer System Limited Company for the termination of listing in the national small and medium-sized enterprises share transfer system.

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