New Zealand Or Buy Back Guns for a Big Purchase to Ban the Sale of Military Rifles

 New Zealand Or Buy Back Guns for a Big Purchase to Ban the Sale of Military Rifles

Global Times reports that New Zealand police expect to buy back tens of thousands of firearms. This is the latest gun control initiative in the country after the deadly shooting and the first large-scale amendment to the gun law in decades.

New Zealands parliament voted almost unanimously on the evening of the 10th to reform its gun control law, Reuters reported Wednesday. The amendment passed will be submitted to the Governor of New Zealand for signature on the 12th and will become New Zealand law.

According to the provisions of the amendment, the sale and possession of military semi-automatic rifles and assault rifles, large magazines and parts that can be converted into military semi-automatic rifles are also prohibited. The New Zealand government will buy back these firearms, magazines and accessories at reasonable prices according to their styles, models and new and old status.

New Zealand Prime Minister Aden estimates that the governments repurchase could cost NZ$1.2 billion (NZ$1, or 4.5 RMB). The New Zealand Herald newspaper said Wednesday that the government will introduce the Arms Amendment Act in the second half of the year to further reform the registration procedures for firearms, the approval procedures for gun ownerslicenses and the police, as well as the supervision system. (Wang Yi)

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