Japans F-35 submerged at 1,500 metres of seabed salvage survey may take years to investigate.

 Japans F-35 submerged at 1,500 metres of seabed salvage survey may take years to investigate.

F-35A fighter aircraft equipped by Japan Aviation Self-Defense Force

[Global Network Military Reporting] After the crash of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force F-35, Japanese media commented that the crash would cause waves in the governments of Japan and the United States. In addition to the loopholes in Japans air defense capabilities that may arise from the grounding, the Japanese governments plans to buy a large number of F-35 fighters may also be overshadowed. Before the Japan-US summit later this month, this laid a hidden danger to the alliance between the two countries.

According to Kyodo News Agency on April 11, the F-35A was positioned as the key to Japans defense strategy, and the plane was the first aircraft manufactured by Japanese domestic enterprises. At the meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party on October 10, some people also put forward their opinions on the accountability of domestic manufacturers, saying that there has been no accident in the United States, is there any problem in Japans operation?

The Ministry of Defense said that the first task is to find out the reasons, and is now desperately searching for the recovery of black boxes with key information. The F-35, known as the Fifth Generation fighter plane, has superior stealth performance and is secretive all over. However, the water depth of the sea area is up to 1500 meters, and it is difficult to predict whether it can be recovered successfully.

Reported that the Japanese government officials pointed out that the time required to find out the full picture of the accident may take years as a unit. If the remaining 12 F-35 aircraft are grounded for a long time, it will inevitably lead to a decline in the air defense capability to defend Japans airspace. Government sources warned that China and Russia may provoke.

F-35 Fighter Production Line

Is it human error or organism defect? Around the unprecedented accident investigation, people who had served as Japans defense minister sounded the alarm bell that if there are defects, the United States, which is leading the development, will be involved in the problem of Japan and the United States. However, officials of Japans Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that first of all, the Ministry of Defence is responsible, not when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the lead, in order to prevent the spread of events involving diplomatic issues.

At the Japan-US summit in Argentina in late November last year, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised to purchase a large number of F-35 fighters with an estimated unit price of 11.6 billion yen (about 700 million yuan). If Japans purchasing plans stall, it may also make the Trump government suspicious. The Japanese and American governments plan to hold a Security Consultative Committee (2+2) meeting and summit meeting in Washington, D.C., this month, in which foreign ministers and defense ministers participate. Officials of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed the idea of trying to avoid overreaction.

Reported that, on the other hand, the United States Department of Defense for the crash, expressed concern about the progress of future investigations. According to the U.S. military, more than 390 F-35 fighter planes have been put into operation in the countries that have introduced F-35 fighter planes, and it is expected to reach nearly 500 by the end of the year. More than 10 countries have been decided to adopt it, and the U.S. government plans to further promote it to Greece and Poland.

High-cost F-35 fighter pilot helmet

However, as of January last year, 966 technical problems had been identified in the F-35, according to the GAO report. From the classification point of view, 111 of them belong to the problems that put safety and importance at risk, 855 belong to the problems that hinder the implementation of tasks, and 25 may not be solved before the production stage.

If the crash accident is also exposed as a body defect, it will undoubtedly reduce the reliability of the machine. Diplomatic sources said that it will be extremely difficult for Japan and the United States to draw a conclusion that the impact will be on a world scale, whether it is flawed or faulty.

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