Liao rebound defeated Xinjiang Liao Media again: Can it create Shenzhen Miracle?

 Liao rebound defeated Xinjiang Liao Media again: Can it create Shenzhen Miracle?

Last seasons finals, Qibing He Tianju was one of the outstanding players who won the Liao Basketball Championship. But this seasons regular season Xiaohe is in a low state, playing time is not much, before the three quarterfinals with Fujian team, he only played in the last minute of the second game. After losing the first game of the semi-finals, many people think that Liao Basketball Team should send 2.06 meters of heaven-raising to make up for the teams height disadvantage in the second round. Sure enough, on the evening of the 11th, the name of He Tianju was listed in the list of Liao Basketballs starting line-up. At the critical moment of the battle against backwater, this wonderful soldier will again shoulder the heavy responsibility. He Tianju finally found the feeling of his peak period under the command of danger. He steadily hit the first three-point line, shooting 3 shots in the first half. At the last moment of the third quarter, seeing Xinjiang team will play a wave to take away the game, it is also a return to the field of He Tianju hit two consecutive three-point shots, the difference will be reduced to two points, which is also the last opportunity for Liaoning mens basketball team to counter-exceed the score. But he was not a God after all, and his physical exhaustion made him miss two penalties later. In the whole match, He Tianju shot 5 out of the three-point line and cut 16 points.

In the second round of the semi-finals, the Liao Basketball Team played a good half, and in the first half, the whole team took the lead 54-48, regardless of their physical strength. In the third quarter, the physical fitness of the Liao Basketball Team declined, while the double foreign aid of Xinjiang Team continued to shoot well, and soon the score was overtaken. At most, the leading edge reached 10 points. However, thanks to the magical display of He Tianju outside the three-point line, the Liao Basketball Team stubbornly tracked the score to 82:84. At the critical moment, Xinjiang teams foot is not in disorder, using the advantage of height to attack the Liao basket interior, rebounds completely occupy the advantage, and finally lock in the winning game. In the rebound game, Liao Basketball was defeated 42-54.

Guo Shiqiang, head coach of the Liaoning Basketball Team, believed that the whole team should unite to fight back to Shenyang. We are very passive now, but I told the players, dont be happy to win and dont be discouraged to lose. The game is seven games and four wins. Although it is very passive, we should do better in Xinjiang and strive to fight back to Shenyang. Liaoning mens basketball team still depends on the team, basketball is a team project, we need to work together next.

On the 12th, Liaoning Mens Basketball Team will go to Urumqi to prepare for the third round of the semifinals on the evening of the 14th. In this seasons CBA quarter-finals, Shenzhen Team eliminated Beijing Team in three consecutive rounds, realizing an astonishing reversal, when Beijing Team won two games first. Can Liao Basketball Create Shenzhen Miracle? Ma Yong, Financial Media Reporter of Shenyang Daily and Shenyang Daily

Source: responsible editor of Shenyang Daily: Ma Bile_NS4800