Dalian Chairman: Wanda has a long-term plan to play football and continue to trust Cui Kangxi

 Dalian Chairman: Wanda has a long-term plan to play football and continue to trust Cui Kangxi

Zhang Lin first gave his own evaluation of the teams performance in the first four rounds. He believed that although there were no wins in the two away matches against Guangzhou Evergrande, one game was better than the other, which showed the teams progress in running-in. But against Tianjin Teda, the team did not perform well, mainly because everyone wanted to win too much, but the pressure was too great and very impatient: The improvement of paper strength makes everyone think they are a strong team in mentality, instead of putting them in the right position, it becomes a kind of pressure and burden. Paper strength does not represent real strength, which takes time to transform.

Zhang Lin understands that everyone is eager to win and prove their feelings. However, he hopes that the playersdesire and responsibility for victory will be transformed into the motivation of active struggle, rather than the mental pressure and ideological burden that affect the performance on the field. At the same time, he also hopes that we can eliminate the outside interference. We should shield some irresponsible statements, even some rumors. We should be strong enough in our mind to move forward firmly in accordance with the established correct road, and through hard training, we can truly transform paper strength into real combat effectiveness.

At the meeting, Zhang Lin also introduced the progress of several projects in the football development plan that Wanda Group is actively promoting, including planning and building the best football base in Asia, preparing to build 10 football primary schools in Dalian, laying out the youth training base in the whole country, and striving to set up a number of echelons below the age of 2001. All these measures show that Wanda Groups investment in Dalian football is not a temporary rise, let alone a short-term act of making show tickets, but has a long-term planning and strategic deployment, so it will not rush for quick success and instant benefit. We hope that the whole team can be clear that Wanda Group has the determination, more patience to do a good job in clubs and Dalian football, so we hope that we can lay down the burden, calm down our minds, and some can rest assured. Prepare for future matches.

After the end of the match with Luneng, the Chinese Super League has completed 1/6 of the schedule in the new season, which is also an important node that should be summarized in stages. It is understood that, according to the established plan at the beginning of the year, the club will hold a forum next week. The management of the club, together with the media and the representatives of fans, will have face-to-face and frank exchanges on the pre-club work, the performance of the team and the next measures. At the same time, the club will listen carefully to the suggestions and opinions of the media and fans on the development of the team, business development, ticket management, cultural construction, fans service, and so on. Some practical suggestions and opinions will be put forward as soon as possible to actively promote the implementation.

Our reporter Zhao Jian

Source: Xu Song_NS1943, Responsible Editor of Dalian Daily