Visual China apologizes again: fully cooperate with the regulatory authorities to thoroughly and actively rectify

 Visual China apologizes again: fully cooperate with the regulatory authorities to thoroughly and actively rectify

At present, the company has taken measures to deal with all non-conforming pictures offline and voluntarily shut down the website according to relevant laws and regulations to carry out rectification, further strengthen enterprise self-discipline, strengthen system construction, improve the quality of content auditing, and avoid similar situations from happening again. On the evening of April 11, in view of the dissemination of illegal and harmful information on visual Chinese websites, the Tianjin Internet Information Office interviewed the websitesdirectors according to law and ordered the websites to stop the illegal and illegal activities immediately and completely rectify them.


Netmail Tianjin Wechat Public No. 12, April 11, 2019, in view of the situation of disseminating illegal and harmful information on visual Chinese websites, the Tianjin Internet Information Office interviewed the website manager according to law and ordered the website to immediately stop illegal and illegal acts and completely rectify them.

After investigation, the visual Chinese website (domain name is publishes sensitive and harmful information annotations in many pictures it publishes, causing a large number of online forwarding, destroying the network ecology and causing adverse effects. These acts violate the relevant provisions of the Law on Network Security and the Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services. According to the Regulations on Administrative Law Enforcement Procedures for Internet Information Content Management, our office interviewed the website manager according to law and ordered Visual China website to stop transmitting relevant information immediately, take measures to eliminate adverse effects and keep relevant records. It is required to fulfill the responsibility of the main body of the website, strictly deal with the relevant responsible persons, and thoroughly check the historical stock information. At the same time, the website is required to strengthen the content audit management and the education and training of editors, so as to prevent similar problems from happening again.

The head of Visual Chinas website said that there were serious problems in the management of the platform, and it would be completely and thoroughly rectified. During this period, the website would be temporarily shut down, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and consciously accept the supervision of the society and netizens.

The founder of Visual China responded to queries about the copyright of the national flag and other issues: the serious infringement of self-Media has no overwhelming price

Yesterday afternoon, whipping bulls exclusively talked with Chai Jijun, founder of Visual China, in response to many queries on the Internet today.

Whiplasher: Today, many people criticize the copyright declaration of visual China for black hole photos. Whats your response?

Chai Jijun: Black Hole photo belongs to Event Horizon Telescope organization. Visual China obtains authorization for editorial use through partners. This photo authorization is not exclusive, and other media and photo agencies have also been authorized. However, the picture can only be used for news editing and dissemination according to the copyright owners requirements, and can not be used as a commercial category without permission. Commercial use generally includes advertisements, promotions and other use scenarios. Visual China does not have the right to commercial use of the picture. If it is used for commercial purposes without authorization of the copyright owner, there may be risks.

Whippers: There are also media that have dug up your flag, emblem and other pictures to declare copyright.

Chai Jijun: Many of these photos were uploaded by contributors. We have revoked the copyright declaration.

Whippers: With the fermentation of these two incidents, many media have criticized Visual China, saying that you abused your rights and demanded a lot of money.

Chai Jijun: We are also very distressed, because the phenomenon of unauthorized use of pictures is very serious, very few self-Media will take the initiative to come to us to get reasonable authorization.

Picture content industry has been changing rapidly in recent years. The people who used pictures before are relatively large traditional media. After the appearance of Wechat Public Number, a large number of content entrepreneurs appeared. Everyones professionalism is not high, and the awareness of picture copyright is very weak.

I understand the pains of the self-media, but the unauthorized use of pictures is very serious anyway.

We are a platform for photo content. Photographs are uploaded by photographers. We also need to protect the rights and interests of photographers.

I believe that the self-Media people can understand that, just like the articles you write are infringed and pirated, you will also be very distressed.

I believe that the self-Media can also understand our plight.

Were also exploring new customers like self-media, and we cant guarantee perfection because the market is very new.

Whippers: How do you explain the accusation that tort charges are overwhelming?

Chai Jijun: The actual situation is like this. We find that after being infringed, we take the initiative to seek from the media. They are generally nervous, take evasion, or we can not contact them directly. Finally, we can only go on the road of litigation, and a prosecution will cost a lot, including hearing, evidence preservation, lawyers and so on.

In fact, the price of authorization is not very high. Since the media also need to gradually cultivate the awareness of copyright of pictures.

Whiplasher: Zhang Ying of Jingwei China also criticized you on Weibo, saying that she has developed a system to search for unauthorized pictures in an organized way and then claim huge compensation. He felt that your business model was unsustainable and even used the word blackmail.

Chai Jijun: Zhang Ying is a top expert in the field of investment, but he is not an expert in the field of photo copyright. It is normal to have misunderstandings.

In fact, Jingwei China has also used our pictures unauthorized, on their official Weibo and Weixin public numbers. Then we contacted them to communicate actively, but they said they did not understand.

I think he has some emotions in writing this microblog. Do investors have the privilege to infringe on our pictures?

Whippers: The search system Zhang Ying said is real, right?

Chai Jijun: Yes, we are listed companies, which can be inquired about.

We are a commercial company, and the pictures are also entrusted by the obligee to get income for the obligee as much as possible, which is also a responsibility for us.

Now most of the picture use scenarios are online. It is not realistic to find infringement by hand. So we have developed this search system, hoping to find the infringement subject accurately.

It can be said that we have invested a lot in technology, hoping to establish the standard of picture content industry.

Whippers: Many people question the unsustainability of this business model or go to another extreme, which is a kind of bad behavior.

Chai Jijun: Why not be sustainable? Many big customers are our contracted customers, such as CCTV, Tencent and so on.

In the long run, it is impossible for us to extort. We are a commercial company. You sign a contract with me. I will provide you with high quality service. Thats all.

Photo content industry is still too primary in China, far from mature industries abroad. Most people still dont realize the importance of copyright. They think that they can use any picture on the Internet.

In fact, it is difficult to find a good picture on the Internet. We have a large number of high-quality pictures here. We can provide you with services, reduce your production costs and help you solve copyright problems. Why do you want to pirate?

Source of this article: 36 krypton responsible editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056