Another pseudo-star in the Champions League? Its a great pleasure to shoot 33 goals in the season for three years.

 Another pseudo-star in the Champions League? Its a great pleasure to shoot 33 goals in the season for three years.

As Suarez has played for Liverpool, he is always booed by Manchester United fans every time he touches the ball. But the only goal Barcelona scored was created by Suarez, who responded to the boos in the most perfect way. Busquets midfielders long pass, Messis left side of the penalty area to stabilize the ball, Suarez appeared in the back. Between Messi and Suarez, there are four Manchester United defenders, but the two men just completed the successful line.

When Suarez headed, was he shooting or passing? Judging from his power posture, he probably wants to pass the ball. De Gea has blocked the corner and Suarez wants to head the ball to Cutinio in the middle. But Lukeshaw grabbed Cutinio and put the ball into his own door. The goal was eventually counted as Lukeshaw Oolong, and Suarez failed to break the three and a half-year away goal drought in the Champions League. Suarez has not scored in 17 consecutive away games in the Champions League. He has scored 0 goals in 33 Champions League games this season, which is the worst number of players in the competition.

In the second half, Suarez had a chance to end the embarrassing record. Unfortunately, Uruguayans are throwing bread with one knife. After completing the counter offside position on the right side of the penalty area, Suarez chose to volley hard against De Gea, and the ball hit the side net. Usually, the striker pushes the far corner slightly in this position. Suarez chose to work miracles vigorously, representing his lack of confidence in the face of De Gea.

Suarez is really overweight, his speed is slow, his flexibility is reduced, and his one-on-one breakthrough success rate has been very low. But in this case, he is still an indispensable key figure in Barcelona, which is directly due to his excellent response ability and stirring ability.

Suarezs value was best reflected in the scene in the 36th minute. Suarezs back-guard in the penalty area made all three Manchester United defenders focus on the Uruguayan. Cutinho has the space to follow up the volley, although De Gea made a magical save, but Suarezs role is still vividly reflected.

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