Tianjin Network Information Office interviewed Visual China overnight and ordered comprehensive and thorough rectification

 Tianjin Network Information Office interviewed Visual China overnight and ordered comprehensive and thorough rectification

On April 11, 2019, in view of the dissemination of illegal and harmful information on visual Chinese websites, the Tianjin Internet Information Office interviewed the websitesdirectors according to law and ordered the websites to stop the illegal and illegal activities immediately and completely rectify them.

After investigation, the visual Chinese website (domain name is vcg.com) publishes sensitive and harmful information annotations in many pictures it publishes, causing a large number of online forwarding, destroying the network ecology and causing adverse effects. These acts violate the relevant provisions of the Law on Network Security and the Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services. According to the Regulations on Administrative Law Enforcement Procedures for Internet Information Content Management, our office interviewed the website manager according to law and ordered Visual China website to stop transmitting relevant information immediately, take measures to eliminate adverse effects and keep relevant records. It is required to fulfill the responsibility of the main body of the website, strictly deal with the relevant responsible persons, and thoroughly check the historical stock information. At the same time, the website is required to strengthen the content audit management and the education and training of editors, so as to prevent similar problems from happening again.

The head of Visual Chinas website said that there were serious problems in the management of the platform, and it would be completely and thoroughly rectified. During this period, the website would be temporarily shut down, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and consciously accept the supervision of the society and netizens.

Xinhua News Agency: Visual China, everything is yours.

Xinhua News Agency: A company that claims to be good at copyright protection, but even the national flag and emblem are clearly marked and corrected until the public finds out. Is it negligence or ignorance? We cant just fool the past with a lax review.

Peoples Dailys Comment on Visual China Copyright Matching with Dare not Match Pictures

Peoples Daily: When copyright protection has reached a consensus, no one denies that photographic works have copyright. The question is, is copyright really valid? Does the platform purify the copyright pool? Can business models withstand scrutiny? Avoiding copyright protection from falling into a black hole is as important as advocating copyright payment.