Xinhua News Agency Comments on Visual China: Starting Business under the guise of Copyright Protection

 Xinhua News Agency Comments on Visual China: Starting Business under the guise of Copyright Protection


Photographs of black holes finally unveil the mystery

The exciting news came out.

Various media and self-Media people

Of course, we need to follow up collectively.

Except for the hot search

Beyond the Black Hole PS Competition

Self-media Discovery

This photo has been taken.

Visual China declares copyright

And there are the following propositions:

This picture is an edited picture.

If used for commercial purposes,

For commercial purposes,

Please call 400-818-XXXX or consult the customer representative.


Visual Chinese Image Consultation

Customer Service Answer: It needs to be purchased

Netizens exploded: The copyright of black hole photos is visual China? One after another reminds the self-Media people to use cautiously.

Later, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences answered the question of the copyright ownership of black hole photographs.

# The first photograph of a black hole in human history Will this black hole photo be copyrighted?

Wu Xiangping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: Once released, it will be available all over the world, and it can also be seen in the media, as long as it marks where it comes from.

Later, Visual China responded to the query of

However, netizens do not buy:

Netizens found that the flag, emblem and emblem were also sold in their copyright.

Other Netizens found that the national flag and emblem were also sold by copyright.

Some Netizens found that the picture usage instructions of the flag and emblem pictures all showed: This picture is edited pictures, if used for commercial purposes, please call 400-818-2525 or consult customer representatives. Copyright all shows 1995-2019 Visual China.

In addition, the price hint on the national emblem picture page shows that the price for the internal text is not less than 150 yuan, the full page span is not less than 500 yuan, the cover of the magazine is not less than 1000 yuan, and the commercial use price is discussed separately.

However, at present, the flag and emblem pictures have been deleted, and the display page does not exist.

The emblem is also included.

Everyone with a little common sense knows that the national flag, national emblem and group emblem can not be used commercially.

According to Article 18 of the Flag Law of the Peoples Republic of China (Amendment of 2009), the flag and its designs shall not be used as trademarks or advertisements, nor for private funeral activities.

Article 10 of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the National Emblem (Amendment of 2009) states that the National Emblem and its designs shall not be used in: (1) trademarks and advertisements; (2) furnishings of daily life; (3) private celebration and hanging activities; (4) other occasions where the National Emblem and its designs are prohibited by the General Office of the State Council.

According to the latest Regulations on the Production and Use of Chinese Communist Youth League Flags, Emblems and Group Songs issued by the Central Committee of the League, the League Flags, Group Emblems and Group Songs are as follows:

It shall not be used or disguised for trademarks, commercial advertisements and commercial activities.

Not to be used in inappropriate occasions.

No flag or emblem of the League which is not under the supervision of the Central Committee of the League and the provincial, municipal and county-level League committees shall be sold publicly in the name of individuals or businesses.


Just now, according to Sina Finance and Economics-Self-Media Comprehensive Visual China Founder Response to Questions: Self-media infringement is serious, there is no overwhelming demand report, Visual China Founder Chai Jijun responded that many of these photos were uploaded by contributors, and has revoked the copyright declaration.

In fact, the reputation of visual China has not been very good.

After todays incident, many media have reported and commented on it, and used the headlines such as From the media to see China for a long time and How much from the media to live in the fear of visual China.

Jingwei Zhang Ying of China once complained about the malicious prosecution business model of photo company on Weibo:

Nowadays, a word is a prophecy.

We respect copyright protection, but if we start a business under the guise of copyright protection, Im afraid its unreasonable.

What do you think of this?

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Yang Yi_NBJ10647