Former Deputy captain of the anti-drug brigade of Tibetan Drug Factory in remote mountain villages of Hunan Province acted as neighbour

 Former Deputy captain of the anti-drug brigade of Tibetan Drug Factory in remote mountain villages of Hunan Province acted as neighbour

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In a remote mountain village in Hunan Province, a drug factory was hidden, and the former vice-commander of the county drug control brigade was arrested as a ghost inside (source:)

In a remote corner of Datang Village, Guanwang Residential Committee, Jinzixian Town, Anren County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, there is a residential house covering more than one mu, which has three buildings. On the surface, it is a small winery. In fact, it is an underground drug factory, which was destroyed by the Anren police in September 2018. Because of the serious case, it has been investigated by the anti-drug detachment of Chenzhou Public Security Bureau.

On April 11, upstream journalists confirmed from the responsible person of the anti-drug detachment of Chenzhou Public Security Bureau that Zhang Xiaohua, former deputy chief of the anti-drug detachment of Anren County Public Security Bureau, was involved in the case and was under control.

_Drug-making factories are hidden in remote mountain villages. Photographer/upstream journalist Shen Du

The former leaders home was a drug factory.

Jinzixian Town is a remote town in Anren County, Hunan Province, surrounded by hills. Because most of the residents moved to the main street of the Guanwang Residential Committee, the Datang Group was particularly cold.

Wen Chenliang, the former leader of the Datang Formation, is situated in front of a pond on the hill. On the afternoon of April 11, when the upstream journalists came near the house, the dogs barked incessantly. There are three buildings in the house, one near the gate is an old one, and the other two are like newly built ones. Signboards are hung on each door, including brewing room, anatomy room, warehouse and so on.

Upstream journalists saw a wooden box in the corridor of the rooms of the two buildings, which contained various glassware, distillation dishes, test tubes and so on; beside the wooden box, there were many plastic buckets and snake skin bags in the room.

Many villagers of the Datang Group introduced to the upstream journalists that Wen Chen Liang was in his 40s and worked outside in his early years. The longest time he could come back was not more than two years. We were surprised when he was caught. He often came to the street to play mahjong and told us to keep dogs in the house.

A villager familiar with Wen Chen-liang introduced that Wen Chen-liangs sleeping time was: he often played mahjong in the street after getting up in the morning and returned to his residence around 4 p.m.

_Each room is covered by brewing room, anatomy room and storage room. Photographer/upstream journalist Shen Du

Former vice-captain of the anti-drug brigade was arrested in connection with the case

Upstream journalists learned that Zhang Xiaohua, the former deputy commander of the anti-drug brigade of the county public security bureau, had been controlled on suspicion of drug control before Wen Chen Liang fell into the net. When under control, Zhang Xiaohua was appointed Deputy Director of Qingxi Police Station.

Villagers introduced that Zhang Xiaohua was also a member of the Guanwang Residential Committee and met Wen Chen Liang as a child. Zhang Xiaohua had gambled in Macao and lost a lot of money. In addition, in February 2018, Zhang Xiaohua won the third-class merit when he participated in the winter and spring offensive war in Chenzhou City to focus on combating and rectifying outstanding crimes.

A lot of plastic buckets are also stored in the scene of the accident. Photographer/upstream journalist Shen Du

On April 11, Cao, deputy head of the anti-drug detachment of Chenzhou Public Security Bureau, introduced that the Datangcun Drug Factory was destroyed by the Anren County Public Security Bureau, and an internal ghost case was found during the investigation.

_Various kinds of poisonous glass instruments still remained in the field. Photographer/upstream journalist Shen Du

Upstream journalists learned from authoritative sources that the drug production pit had been in production for more than a year, during which the village, town and county government departments were unaware.

_Relevant rooms have been sealed. Photographer/upstream journalist Shen Du

Because the case involved several Anren County Public Security System staff, such as Zhang Xiaohua, the case has been transferred from Anren County Public Security Bureau to Chenzhou Public Security Bureau for investigation. At present, the Chenzhou Public Security Bureau is still investigating the case.

Source: Upstream News Editor of Chongqing Morning News: Li Wan_B11284