WikiLeaks founder Assange put his thumb up in handcuffs after his arrest

 WikiLeaks founder Assange put his thumb up in handcuffs after his arrest

Assange raised his thumb (Guardian)

Overseas Network, April 11 - British London Police said on November 11, WikiLeaks founder Assange was arrested at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Assange put up his thumbs in handcuffs to the photographer after he was taken to the police car, the Guardian reported.

According to Reuters, Ecuador withdrew its political asylum for WikiLeaks founder Assange on November, and British police arrested him. One of Assanges lawyers later stated that Assange was arrested not only on suspicion of violating British bail rules, but also in connection with American extradition requests, which British police subsequently confirmed.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

According to the scene pictures released by Russia today, Assange was gray-haired and haggard when he was arrested. He was dragged out of the Embassy of Ecuador by British police. He shouted, Britain must resist.

He holds in his hand a book by American intellectual Gore Vidal, The History of National Security State, which includes the authors criticism of American security agencies.

Assange was arrested with a Book (Daily Mail)

After getting into the police car, he put on handcuffs and gave his thumbs up to the photographer who was following him. He will then be brought to Westminster District Court for trial.

Assange was taken to the police car (Daily Mail)

According to earlier reports, in 2010, WikiLeaks website created by Australian Assange published a large number of secret documents related to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, which caused great sensation and controversy, and damaged the international reputation of the United States. Assange was later accused of rape by Swedish prosecutors. He himself entered the British Embassy of Ecuador in London in June 2012 to seek asylum. He has not stepped out of the embassy for seven years.

After Assanges arrest, Geoffrey Robertson, one of his lawyers, accused him of humiliating his arrest. He believed that Ecuador should not turn him over after seven years of shelter. He also said that the United States had always wanted to put Assange in prison to prevent those who published material about the U.S. military. He believed that the United States would apply for Assanges extradition.

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