What happened in the 10-hour court trial of Zhang Deduction Case which maintained the death penalty in the second instance

 What happened in the 10-hour court trial of Zhang Deduction Case which maintained the death penalty in the second instance

Today (April 11), the Shaanxi Provincial Higher Peoples Court openly hears the case of Appellant Zhang Deduction of Intentional Homicide and Intentional Destruction of Property in the Criminal Trial Chamber of Hanzhong Intermediate Peoples Court. Eastern. com. Longitudinal News broadcast the trial live through multiple channels, with more than 2.5 million people watching it online.

The trial began at 9 a.m. and lasted for eight hours. It adjourned for two hours at 5 p.m. and reopened at 7 p.m. for a total of ten hours.u2014u2014

The presiding judge reads out the verdict: rejects the appeal and upholds the original verdict.

The verdict has been handed down, and there are still many points to look back on the eight-hour super-long trial.

Pre-trial meetings: rejection of inappropriateness of jurisdiction

At about 9:15, the presiding judge pointed out that in view of the great social impact of Zhangs detention case and the large amount of evidence materials, in order to fully protect the appellants and defenders litigation rights, and to hear the case fairly and efficiently, the court held a pre-trial meeting on March 22, 2019.

The defender argues that the Hanzhong Intermediate Peoples Court should not exercise jurisdiction over the case because of the serious unsuitable certainty of the jurisdiction of the first instance. The Shaanxi Provincial Higher Peoples Court has dealt with the state compensation case and the appeal case brought by Zhang Furu (Zhangs detained father). Without ascertaining the legality of the two cases, the case is not suitable for trial by the Shaanxi Provincial Higher Peoples Court.

In this regard, the procuratorial organs believe that Zhang Furus case of state compensation and appeal is another case, not the trial content of Zhang Detention Case. Although the above cases are tried by the Shanxi Provincial Higher Peoples Court, they are not a collegial panel. And there is no evidence to prove that the collegial panel has violated the law, which affects the fair hearing of the case, and it is proposed to reject it.

The collegial panel deliberated that the composition of the trial organizations, the litigation procedures and relief methods used in the above two cases were different from those in the case of Appellant Zhang Deduction of Intentional Homicide and Intentional Destruction of Property. It consented to the opinion of the procuratorial organ and rejected them.

Defender: Is the public security organ enticing?

Defenders argue that according to Zhangs interrogation record on March 4, 2018, the identification records of the location of the abandoned knives and the salvage records of the knives organized by the public security organs are all obtained by the public security organs by means of temptation, and apply for the exclusion of the above evidence.

According to the procuratorial organ, the witness, Guo Mou, is a public security officer who, under the leadership of the public security organ, has voluntarily confessed the place where he abandoned the knife of crime with the help of local sentiment and friendship, and there is no inducement to obtain evidence. And the recording process is legitimate, which is voluntary confession by Zhang Deduction, and does not violate his wishes. Therefore, the above evidence does not belong to illegal evidence.

The collegial panel adopts the opinions of the procuratorial organs. However, in view of the defenders objection to the above evidence, the evidence can be cross-examined in the second instance.

The collegial panel rejected the appraisal of the degree of mental disorder when Zhang Deduction committed the crime.

Appellant and defender believe that Zhang Deductions character is paranoid obstacle, and the ability to identify when committing a crime exists, but the ability to control is weakened, which belongs to the ability to limit criminal responsibility, and the first instance rejection of Zhang Deductions application for psychiatric appraisal procedure is illegal, substantive reasons can not be established. Apply for second instance to appraise the degree of mental disorder when Zhang Deduction commits a crime.

According to the procuratorial organs, withholding before committing a crime is used to prepare the tools for committing a crime, to camouflage carefully, and to choose the time and object of committing a crime.

In the process of killing, Zhang Bu can accurately identify the three victims, stab the key parts of the victims with knives, kill three people in succession, choose the age of 30 (February 15), choose the location of the victims on the way back to the grave, threaten others with false guns, spatter Mars on other peoples cars while burning the car and let others extinguish fire, which shows that the appellants control ability is not affected by any of its own. Other factors influence it. After Zhang withholds the crime, he flees the scene quickly, buys food and hides it, and then submits his case to the public security organ.

Before, during and after the crime, he has clear thinking, normal mental state and the ability to identify and control his own behavior. In addition, there was no family psychiatric history in both paternal and maternal relatives, and Zhang had no previous history of psychiatry.

To sum up, the defenders application for appraisal of the degree of mental disorder in Zhangs withholding case has no factual basis, and it is suggested that the court should reject it.

After deliberation, the collegial panel decided to adopt the opinions of the procuratorial organs and refused to grant the petitions of the Appellants and defenders.

Zhang Jianjian expressed his objection to the second stabbing of Wang Zhengjun in court.

At about 10 a.m., the judges read out the judgment of the first instance. Since both the prosecution and the defense have read and studied the judgment of the first instance in detail before the court, they only read out the cause of the case, the main facts, the name of the evidence and the main text of the judgment. Thereafter, the appellant, the defender and the prosecutor commented on the facts of the first instance judgment and the final evidence.

Appellant Zhang Jiankou expressed his opinion on the facts and evidence of the first trial judgment. I didnt kill Wang Xuejun before returning to stab Wang Zhengjun.

The defender points out that there is no objection to the basic facts, but believes that the evidence is inadequate and will be published in detail in the next cross-examination section.

The prosecutor expressed no objection to the relevant facts and evidence.

The Court Summarizes Five Points of Dispute and Questions Needed to be Investigated

At about 10:30, the presiding judge summarized the controversial issues between the prosecution and the defence and the issues that the court should focus on, including:

1. The original judgment determines whether the reason why the appellant Zhang withholds the crime of intentional homicide and intentional destruction of property is accurate.

2. Whether Zhang Deduction has the ability of complete criminal responsibility when committing a crime;

3. Whether the victim of this case has fault or not;

4. The appellant Zhang Bu withheld knife or not after stabbing the victim Wang Xuejun, returned to stab the victim Wang Zhengjun twice.

5. Whether the penalty for intentional homicide withheld by the appellant is appropriate;

Appellant Zhang Deduction and both the prosecution and the defense expressed no objection to the focus of the courts summary.

Psychological Investigators Gift Button Books: Dont Control Me with Love

At about 11:00, the defender of Zhang Deduction questioned the appellants reasons for appeal, the facts of objection and the focus of the case.

The defender asked if there were any interrogations and exchanges with you during the detention centre except for the police officers handling the case. Appellant Zhang Deduction said that yes.

In August 2018, Guo Mou, a police officer handling a case, brought a woman with whom he claimed to be a psychosocial investigator in Shaanxi Province and had three conversations.

Zhang pointed out that the specific content of the conversation included things growing up and hobbies. Women did not show their identity to them.

On the scene of the trial, Zhang said that the female staff member had given him a book entitled Dont Control Me with Love. On the page of the book, there was a saying: Reading can not only acquire knowledge, but also gain inner peace.

Zhang Jiankou: I am not psychotic, how can I kill people casually?

The defender asked, What is the reason why you waited 22 years to commit this homicide?

Zhang Jiankou said that when my mother died, I vowed to revenge God, and never saw Wang Zhengjun. Before the Spring Festival of 2018, I found Wang Zhengjun coming home upstairs. When I saw him, I remembered the scene of my mother being killed. Zhang pointed out that he had been waiting for 22 years, but there was no time.

When the defender asks, the first instance thinks that your work is not going well and you are angry with the Royal family. Zhang buckled the court to express his disapproval. I refused to answer the caseworkers and me about life at first, but when the police chatted with me, I said so. I dont know if theyre going to take notes. I think these things are a bait from the investigators. The procuratorial organ sued me for my personal life and said that I retaliated against the society. I was not a neurosis. How could I kill people casually?

Zhang Jiankou talked about surrendering: This is my last year, I want to see fireworks.

On the scene of the trial, the defender pointed out that Zhang Buckle showed abnormal electrocardiogram when he was in the case, and Zhang Buckle expressed his approval. My heart beats faster when Im stimulated.

Since then, Zhang Deduction filed an application in court to identify the degree of mental disorder when he committed the crime.

When the defender asked about his views on the case of his mothers death caused by injury, Zhang Jiankou made it clear: Its not fair.

After the murder, Zhang withheld and surrendered himself. The defender asked, Did you think that when you committed the murder? Zhang responded, Yes, I think the current society can not run away, but I think this is my last year, I want to see fireworks once.

At the same time, Zhang denied that he had chosen to surrender because he had come to an end.

Zhang Bunkous Memory of the Incident: Watching Mother Anatomized

On the scene of the trial, the defender asked: Why kill the three Wangs?

Revenge for the mother, Zhang said in court. The defender continued to ask why one person killed your mother and three others. Zhang Bunkou responded: I remember my mother who was beaten by the elder two and the elder three together, and then Wang Zixin (Wangs father) said that he would fight to death and beat Lao Tzu to death. After that, the third one killed my mother with a stick.

Zhang recalled that in 1996, his mother fainted on the spot after being beaten by Wangs father and son. It was at my door that my father carried my mother to the Wangs door. There was someone in the Wangs house at that time. My father said you beat me. Show me. My mother was lying at the Wangjia Gate. My mother came back to my house after she was sober. She couldnt sit down, so she lay on the floor at my door.

I hugged my mother and called her. After a while, my mother didnt respond. Zhang also said that his mothers body had been dissected on the side of the road at his home. I was there for about an hour.

At the same time, Zhang pointed out that he did not tell others about his mother unless he spoke to a very good person.

Zhang buckled: For revenge, I dont want to get married.

Defender: Why didnt you get married and have children? Is there any other reason besides economic reasons?

Zhang responded, I dont want to worry about the future. When my mother died, I knew there was this moment today. Those who accomplish great things do not stick to trivial matters. For revenge, I dont want to let my mother die in vain. Mr. Wang often provokes me, and takes his wife through my door to provoke me. (Once) Stop in front of me, nod at me, and look provocative. I didnt respond.

In the first instance of the public prosecutor concerned, it was pointed out that deduction of money was paramount. Zhang Deduction expressed his disapproval in court: about my life, all cases were induced by the investigators to say.

Zhang Bunkou: I am a bloody man

On the scene of the trial, Zhang pointed out that he had not thought of killing others. I have not thought of retaliating against society.

Speaking about why he chose to revenge on New Years Eve 2018, Zhang said, The elder and the elder did not return early when the elder three came back. I want to wait for them to come back in the New Year.

In the statement of the public security organ, Zhang Jiankou described, I was hesitant at that time, but when I thought about my mothers death in my arms, I made up my mind to kill people. Zhang Jiankou said that this paragraph is true, I wanted to kill them when they went to the grave, but I was afraid. Just wait on the way. In the process, I recalled my mothers story from beginning to end, and my heart began to cruel. At that time, the brain was blank, there was no fear and tension, and people, like walking corpses, could not help stabbing people.

In response, Zhang explained that he knew who stabbed him and wanted to surrender before he killed him. After the murder, he also told his uncle that he would surrender. The present society may not be able to run away.

At the opening of the first trial, Zhang Jiankou once said in court that he was justified in revenging his mother. On the scene of the second trial, Zhang Jiankou emphasized again: I did not make a mistake, I am a bloody man.

Zhang Jiankou: Only on New Years Day will four people come together

When did the prosecutor ask when he decided to kill the Royal family?

Zhang Bunkou answered that it was when he saw the third Wang family come back. How many did you decide to kill? Four, including Wang Moufu, Zhang said. Zhang also said that he met Wang Moufu at the pre-trial meeting of the first instance. Wang Moufu insulted his lawyer at that time. Zhang said to Wang Moufu at that time, You should be glad you are still alive.

When the procurator questioned what this sentence meant, Zhang answered, He didnt go back on New Years Eve 30. He went back and I killed him with him.

When the prosecutor asked why he chose to go back on the way to worship his ancestors on the 30th lunar year, Zhang said, I think only on this day can four of them come together, and I kill them all at once.

Witness: Knowing Zhang Jiankou from an early age, he would like to believe me.

At about 13 oclock, witness Guo Mou appeared in court to testify. Guo Mou is a police officer of Nanzheng County. After the case of Zhang Button was committed, he was responsible for the ideological work of Zhang Button. One day after that, Zhang Button identified the hiding place of the knife.

Guo said that after Zhang Jiankou surrendered, through other colleagues learned that Zhang Jiankou wanted to see him. Weve known each other since childhood. When I came back to my grandfathers house, I played with him. He was willing to believe me.

Guo said in court that Zhang refused to account for the position of Tibetan knife when he did not meet Zhang Bunku. Since then, there has been no recording or transcription of his meeting with Zhang Bunkou.

I have no interest in this case. When the defender asked whether Guos grandfather was present 22 years ago when Zhang Jiankous mother was convicted. Guo said that grandpa had passed away and did not want to answer.

Defender Yin Qingli: Witnesses induce evidence and evidence should be excluded

As for Guo Mous testimony, Yin Qingli, the defender, believes that Guo Mou has a real interest in the case: Guo Mou is not only a police officer of the investigation organ of Zhang Deduction Case, but also his grandfather was a witness of Zhang Deduction Mothers fault in the case of Zhang Deduction Mother. Guo Mou and the appellant are small. According to Zhang Jiankou, Guo Mous position has been promoted. We hope the court can verify Guo Mous police rank.

Secondly, Guo admitted to doing ideological work on Zhang Jiankou, but did not answer truthfully. Questions about relevant procedures and procedures were refused and avoided. Therefore, Guo Mous participation in this case through emotional exchanges violates the Criminal Procedure Law and regulations, and the evidence should be excluded.

At the same time, Yin Qingli also believed that under the premise of interests, Guo Mou did not go through legal procedures, nor did he evade them. There was reason to think that he had implemented the way of seduction. This should be supplemented and reasonably explained. Except for Guo Mous appearance in court, other circumstances have not been fully investigated. These evidences should be excluded.

Defender Deng Xueping said that Guos testimony in court was doubtful of its authenticity, and there were many inconsistencies between his testimony and that of the public security organs. Secondly, Guo avoided evasion of the defenders questions. His identity was not only a witness, but also a person who actually participated in the case. He has to prove in court that his evidence is lawful and cannot evade or refuse to answer.

In addition, all investigative interrogations should be recorded truthfully, but the interrogation was not recorded. It seems that Zhang Bunkou leads the investigators to find knives independently. In fact, Guo Mou has drawn pictures after his ideological work. Leading only by drawing, can not guarantee the independence of evidence. Drawing in advance is to lure the appellant. Recognition transcripts and drawings are enticed and excluded.

Attorney: Witnessesevidence is legal, and counsels induced questioning

The prosecutor said in court that he did not agree with the views of the two defenders.

Guo Mous true confession with emotional inspiration Zhang Deduction is a legal method for public security organs to handle criminal cases. There are no illegal situations such as extorting confessions by torture or threatening violence. There are synchronous audio and video testimony to the content of Zhang Buttons confession, and there is no act of inducement to confess.

On the real location of the knife, Guo Mou and investigators did not know beforehand, how to induce confessions? Guo Mou is not the investigator of the case, so Guo Mou has indicated that he is assisting, and the defender also acknowledges Guo Mous identity as a witness.

Zhangs identification of the scene is carried out under the witnesss testimony, and a transcript is made. According to the law, the procedure and content are legal. It is legal to have at least two investigatorssignatures on the identification record.

Guo Mou has a direct interest in the case. The procurator thinks that there is no interest between Guo Mou and the case. The psychological counselors brought by Guo Mou provide psychological counseling to Zhang Bunku in the detention center, which is the work of the detention center.

Prosecutors believe that Guos speech and testimony do not contradict each other. Just did not answer the advocates induced questions. Recognition is presided over by the public security organs, not Zhang Deductions self-identification. This group of evidence and Guo Mous testimony is to reflect Zhang Deductions attitude of truthful confession.

Prosecutor: Zhang Degu is dissatisfied with the current situation of life, distorts his thinking and generates motives for revenge and killing.

At the court, the prosecutor published the relevant statements of the first group of Appellants in Part 9. For this statement, the prosecution said that the appellants life and work were not smooth until he graduated from junior high school. It is impossible to achieve the goal of having money, car and family. It has neither dependable family nor trusted friends, and it is very stressful.

Dissatisfaction with the status quo of life, loss of confidence in the future, and lack of self-removing ways lead to distorted thinking and motivation to retaliate against others in order to vent their indignation.u2014u2014

Killing is for revenge, believing only that money is omnipotent

Relevant confessions show that Zhang Jiankou said that he had studied locally since childhood and had been working outside after graduation from junior high school. I killed Wang Zixin, Wang Xuejun and Wang Zhengjun, first of all for my mothers revenge. Ive had this idea all these years. I have been cheated many times to work outside. Life and work are not very smooth. There is no humanity in this society and no trust between people. Since I was cheated, I dont believe anyone. I only believe in money. Because money is everything.

Zhang Jiankou said in his statement, But my salary is relatively low these years, and I have not earned any money. In addition, I have traveled many times, and I dont have much money on hand. Because I dont have money, Im under great mental pressure and often cant sleep at night.

Marrying a daughter-in-law costs $1.2 million and doesnt want to bow down and ask others to borrow money.

In the matter of marrying a daughter-in-law, we have to spend 1.2 million yuan to marry a daughter-in-law locally. In the evidence presented by the prosecution, Zhang Jiankous statement said, Im a man of spirit, and I dont want to borrow money from others. Otherwise, the pressure of marriage will be too great in the future.

Zhang said, This society is too realistic. All family and friendship are based on money. In 1993, a girl in my school ended up committing suicide because her family was poor. Shadows have come into my mind and changed my outlook on marriage.

If you are rich, you will not have a wife and children, and there will be no tragedy of murder.

According to Zhang Jiankous confession, on the tenth day of the lunar month, he had a big quarrel with his father. He said to his father, My mother cant just do this, revenge must be avenged! My dad couldnt persuade him, and finally had a big fight with my dad.

Zhang Jiankou said that after the quarrel, his heart was very upset, working, empty-handed, the future can not see hope. In his statement, Zhang said, My dream is to have money to buy a car and to be able to drive around by myself. But now life is not good and there is no hope of working.

The next day I saw Wang Zhengjun coming back. I was thinking that my mother was killed 22 years ago by him with a stick. Wang Zhengjun thought it was over. For me, it was not over yet. I havent seen him for so many years. I think theres a chance for revenge! Zhang withholds confessions.

On December 30, 2017, the third, eldest and oldest of the Wang family will come home. I wanted to get revenge on my second son when he came back, but he never came back. I couldnt wait, so I committed a crime.

Zhang also said, If these years, Wang Zixins family is willing to apologize to us, or if I live well, I am rich, marry a wife and have children, there will be no tragedy of murder.

The prosecution said it claimed that it had no mental illness and withheld a response: the public security set me up

I heard a woman shout again: Psychotic killing! In the statement released by the prosecution, Zhang said that he was wearing a hat and a mask when committing the crime. They were in a panic for a while, and in this extreme panic, some people would shout the words psychotic murder.

At the same time, Zhang said, If I dont pretend to be myself, they will call Zhang to kill people, not psychotic killing. Because they know why I killed people, and they know Im not mentally ill.

For this series of evidence, Zhang Jiankou said in court, The public security set me up, said to chat with me, said it was not recorded in the transcript, and now it is recorded.

Sixteen witnesses confirmed that Zhang had no mental illness.

The prosecutor said in court that the defender had objections to the testimony of 16 witnesses in the group about Zhangs mental state. The prosecutor focused on excerptions of 16 witnessestestimony on Zhangs mental state.

The prosecutor pointed out that the testimony of 16 witnesses confirmed that Zhang was in normal physical and mental condition and had no family psychiatric history. In addition, the physical and mental condition of Zhang Ke during his period of working abroad was normal.

Doctor: Zhang Buccu is in a normal state of mind.

The V1V2 lead on ECG shows RSR (QR) right ventricular conduction delay and the possibility of subepicardial myocardial injury (possibly acute myocardial infarction). It is the result of ECG instrument analysis. The analysis results are not very accurate, and should be confirmed by doctors analysis. In the evidence released by the prosecution, the doctor of electrocardiogram examination in Nanzheng District Hospital truthfully stated.

On the afternoon of February 17, 2018, the police took a buckle to the hospital for medical examination, which was basically normal. According to Jimous testimony, Zhang buckled his right index finger and middle finger, which had been bandaged. No trauma was found in other places.

The electrocardiogram is basically normal. When I checked the button, the physical and mental state of the button was normal. Jimou said.

Defender: My classmate and neighbor, what is the ability to prove the mental state of Zhang Button?

I think these peoples judgments, including those of their families, are inaccurate. Yin Qingli, the defender, pointed out that Zhang Deduction works outside all the year round, which contradicts the objective evidence of ECG in this case. We should proceed from the objective point of view and make a corresponding appraisal of Zhang Deduction to determine whether it has criminal responsibility ability or not.

Yin Qingli also pointed out that these evidences were before and after the crime, especially the enrollment physical examination, which was a long time away from the crime and had no reference significance. There is little correlation between the evidence presented by the procurator and whether there is mental disorder in the case of Zhang Deduction which needs to be proved.

Defender Deng Xueping believes that the effectiveness of the evidence is not determined by the number of mental disorders when Zhang Deduction commits a crime. What ability can Zhang Buttons relatives, classmates and neighbors have to prove Zhang Buttons mental state?

Secondly, Zhang Deduction has no history of mental illness, which does not mean that Zhang Deduction has no mental illness. Failure to check does not mean failure.

Third, heredity is not the only cause of mental disorders.

Fourthly, there is no psychiatric examination in the enrollment examination, and it is impossible to infer that Zhang Keu is in a normal state of mind.

Fifthly, the procedural law clearly stipulates that inferential and speculative statements cannot be accepted as evidence. Therefore, the above evidence is speculative and should not be accepted.

Procurator: The evidence is legitimate and there is no need to make an appraisal.

In response, the prosecution said that the testimony of witnesses, including Zhangs detaining parents, relatives and villagers, was objective. The physical examination of enlistment reflects the objective situation of enlistment. These evidences are legitimate in form and true in content.

With regard to the circumstances at the time of the crime, the prosecution believes that according to Zhangs repeated confessions, he carefully planned before the crime, observed the location, made flasks, tore off the decorative strips of pistols, and chose the victim when he was unprepared to commit the crime. When burning a car, he could sensibly remind Zhang Liangmou that he had no mobile phone after the crime and had a strong sense of anti-reconnaissance. Combined with the evidence in this case, the prosecution believes that Zhang Bu is healthy and psychologically normal, and there is no need for identification.

Presiding judge: confirmation by the collegial panel of prosecution evidence

After the collegial panel exchanges, the presiding judge said that the prosecutor presented evidence, both sides of the prosecution and the Defense issued cross-examination opinions, we stand on their respective positions, that the problem of proof is different. After deliberation by the collegial panel, the collegial panel will confirm the above evidence from the perspective of three aspects of evidence.

Defender Yin Qingli: There is no substantive justice without procedural justice!

Yin Qingli pointed out that in the process of rule of law in China, there is a clear phenomenon of emphasizing substance and neglecting procedure. However, procedure is the watershed between the rule of law and arbitrary governance. There is no substantive justice without procedural justice. When the above procedural problems in this case can not be solved comprehensively, it is difficult for the court of second instance to realize the combination of procedural and substantive aspects in the case of withholding.

Defender Deng Xueping: Keep Zhang and detain ones life! Let him spend the rest of his life in prison

Deng Xueping said that the court has the power to seize life and death, but this power is not innate. Judicial sovereignty rests with the people and deprives a person of his or her life, which cannot violate the will of the majority. Zhang Jiankous life and death should not neglect social conditions and public opinion. On the issue of defining the ultimate behavior of society, judicial authority should not neglect the right of public participation.

Shen Deyong, former vice president of the Supreme Law, stressed that any criminal case is not an isolated event. We should pay great attention to social conditions and public opinion, and put the trial of individual cases in the comprehensive consideration of natural reason, national law and human relations.

The act of withholding by Zhang does not belong to the situation that the crime is extremely serious and the death penalty must be executed immediately. The death penalty may be imposed according to law with a two-year suspension of execution. It is possible to achieve the unification of the legal and social effects of the case by detaining Zhang and detaining his life while limiting his commutation of sentence and allowing him to spend the rest of his life in prison.

???????? What is the grievance between the two families?

On the morning of January 6, 2019, Dongfang. com Longitudinal Journalist came to Wangping Village, Zhengzhou District, Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, where the Zhangjiao case occurred. When we arrived at the village committee, a poverty alleviation conference was being held here. After the whole fermentation process of the incident, the village branch book tells us about the resentment of Zhang Wangs two families for more than 30 years.

Nowadays, people turn black and white upside down and talk nonsense.

Mr. Wang, who is the current village branch book, served as village head in Wangping village as early as the 1980s. He himself has a distant relationship with Zhang Keujias family. Zhang Keujias participation in the army originated from his suggestions at the earliest stage. Perhaps the most powerful voice in the resentment between Zhang Wang and his family is that of him.

When we mentioned all kinds of speculation about the case on the Internet, his discontent was overflowing. In the interview, he repeatedly repeated this sentence with his unique Shaanxi accent: They talk nonsense and turn black and white upside down.

According to Mr. Wang, the exchanges between Zhang and Wang can be traced back to the 1980s.

Around the 1980s, the Wang family had successively engaged in the business of paddy processing plants and pig selling in the contracted villages. In the process, Wang Zixin, who was killed in Zhangs detention case, invited Zhangs father, Zhang Furu, to participate in the business. Living in a poverty-stricken village, the intersection of Zhang Wang and his family is a typical symbol of neighborhood harmony.

They had a very good relationship at that time. Mr. Wang, sitting by the fire, said to the longitudinal journalist.

The transformation of the two relations took place in the early 90s. Mr. Wang recalled: at that time, Wang family was selling pig business. After more than a year of partnership with Zhang *, he did not bring any family members. The two families were somewhat divided.

After that, the Zhang family and the Wang family have had several disagreements one after another. In public reports, in 1996, Wang Zhengjuns case of intentional injury and death, there were two statements of house land disputes. In the relevant documents of the case, there is also the expression that Wang Xiuping (Zhang Jianmu) had a bad relationship with Yang Guiying, the mother of Wang Zhengjun, the accused.

After the Zhang withholding case, Zhang Furu, interviewed by CCTV, attributed the contradiction between the two companies to the contracting of rice processing plants: I give it to his family first, and I will do it again next year... They earned money and refused to let me do it. The woman (wife Wang Xiuping) was not feeling well.

Mr. Wang, who has worked in the village for many years, cannot agree with Wang Furus statement. He said: This processing plant was entrusted to the Wangjias management before the implementation of the contractual responsibility system. At that time, it was still earning jobs.

Speaking of this long story, Mr. Wang and several village cadres in the village committee are all very sad. But these parentstrifles eventually triggered physical conflicts and led to the occurrence of homicide, and the villagers were all shocked. While lamenting the irrationality of both parties, Mr. Wang also made no secret of Wang Xiupings style.

Her temper is too big. Everyone in the village is afraid of her. When something happens, she can chase you and swear at you from outside, and sit in your house and swear at others.

In the public information of Wang Xiupings death by intentional injury in 1996, Wang Xiuping expressed that Wang Fujun spitting on the passing dynasty.

In this regard, Mr. Wang, who is familiar with Wang Xiupings character, said it was not surprising. He said, She always scolds and swears, knowing that she hides from her.

Whatever official he is, he answers the phone!

With the stir-frying of Zhangs detention case, the old events of 22 years ago have been constantly mentioned. The most fascinating detail is Zhangs sister, Zhang Libo, who spoke with great intensity in an interview with CCTV.

A lot of people give false testimony. Do you know why? It is a fact that if my father is an official, the common people will talk to us.

Was it true that the army of Wangs eldest brother had so much energy that it could influence the case? Mr. Wang told us that Wang Xuejun was only a clerk in a remote and impoverished village.

A poverty-alleviation official interviewed by the village committee blurted out, Hes a clerk when its good to say, but hes a telephone when its bad to say!

According to CCTV, Wang Xuejun had worked in the local Miaoba Township Government Office for four years in 1996. At the time of the incident, he was promoted to the township government as the director of the Party and Government Office for only two months.

Tongcun people told the longitudinal journalist that on the day of the incident, Wang Xuejun was still working in Miaoba. After hearing the news of the accident at home, he rushed back overnight and arrived home in the early morning.

It is noteworthy that, according to public information, when Wang Xuejun was killed in 2018, he served as the director of Hongsi Lake Scenic Area Management Department in Nanzheng District, and the administrative level was the official level. Accordingly, both Mr. Wang and the staff members of the village committee believe that it is absurd to say that Wang Xuejun interfered in the administration of justice at that time.

The so-called false testimony here is nothing more concerned than the statement that the murderer was lost. After the outbreak of Zhangs detention case, in an interview with CCTV, Zhangs father, Zhang Furu, made it clear that Wang Fujun, the second son of the Wangjia family, beat people with wooden sticks, and was later crowned by his younger brother Wang Zhengjun, because Wang Zhengjun was under the age of 18 and could be punished lightly.

This statement was not only opposed by Mr. Wang and other villagers, but also falsified by the investigation of Shaanxi Provincial High Court. In response to the doubts in the case of Wang Zhengjuns intentional injury causing death in 1996, Wang Furu appealed to the Hanzhong Intermediate Court and the High Court in July 2018 and November 2018 respectively, but after investigation by the court, they were rejected.

At the same time, Deng Xueping, Zhangs defense lawyer, also told the longitudinal journalists in the following interview that, in fact, as a witness of the tragedy, Zhangs claim of top-pocket was also not accepted.

The seeds of hatred may have been planted at that time.

Experience of the tragedy means not only the understanding of the truth, but also the depth of hatred. As the victim of the tragedy of that year, after 22 years, Zhang Deduction, who chose revenge, finally became the victim.

According to villagersrecollections, when Wang Xiuping was killed by intentional injury, Zhang Keu was only 12 years old (actually 13 years old). At that time, Zhang Keu did not know the past intersection of the two families, but it was painful to witness her mothers death.

The seeds of hatred may have been planted at that time. A village committee worker said so.

According to the villagersmemories, Zhang Keu is introverted, usually silent, and meets the elders in the village also know how to greet. As a result, the outbreak of the case made everyone unexpected. As a father, Zhang Furu and his sister, Zhang Libo, also said afterwards that it was totally unexpected that he would get revenge.

According to the situation in our village, the living conditions of his family (Zhang Jiankou) are at a moderate level. Without this case, the living conditions of his family should be better than that of Wangs family. Mr. Wang said with regret.

Zhang Libo also said sadly in an interview before: If he doesnt get revenge, maybe one day he will marry a daughter-in-law, have a wife and children, and be lively or a family.

Nevertheless, the case of Zhang Deduction is almost well known in Han Dynasty. For this terrible murder case, there are many sighs, but few are optimistic about the outcome of Zhang Deduction. As Zhang Libo said in an interview earlier, Revenge has no good end.

In this interview, we failed to see Zhang Furu, the village committee staff to Zhang Furu old age is easy to excite, afraid of affecting the court hearing after two days as a reason to prevent our visit.

For his recent situation, Mr. Wang said, he is in good health. He killed the first year pig just a few days ago.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Dongfang: Yang Yi_NBJ10647