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 Evening News

On April 11, Huaweis P30 series was finally released in China. For all the products that have been released in Paris, France, nothing is more interesting than the price. In terms of price, the domestic price has always been about 1000 yuan cheaper than overseas. The domestic starting configuration of the P30 series is also higher than that of foreign countries, starting at 8GB and starting at 3988 yuan. [Link to the original

Yu Chengdong responded to the rumor that Huawei was opening 5G chips to Apple: I agree.

Previous media reports said Huawei would open up and sell 5G chips, but only to Apple. In this regard, Yu Chengdong expressed his support for the use of Huawei 5G chips for Apple, but it is not clear whether Apple will adopt them. Huawei is open. [Link to the original

Top executives in Jingdong: The next step of Jingdong will be to open the knife to the director and complete the adjustment in April.

Recently, all-weather science and technology has obtained an exclusive internal recording material of Jingdong. A senior vice president in Jingdong said in the recording that the organizational and personnel adjustment will continue, but it will be completed by the end of April. At present, the first wave of the abolition is executives, the director immediately, and then the ordinary staff. [Link to the original

Foreign Media: WikiLeaks founder Assange was arrested by British police

On April 11, British police announced their arrest after the Ecuadorian government withdrew diplomatic asylum for WikiLeaks founder Assange. In 2010, the WikiLeaks website created by Assange published a large number of secret documents of the U.S. government, causing a shock. Afterwards, Assange was investigated by Swedish prosecutors on suspicion of rape and then arrested by the British side. In June 2012, Assange entered the British Embassy of Ecuador on bail to seek asylum. In 2017, Swedish prosecutors announced the termination of the investigation into Assanges rape charges. [Link to the original

After the collapse of live panda broadcasting: Tencent dominates the live broadcasting industry

According to the South China Morning Post, the once famous live panda broadcasting was finally closed due to lack of funds, which made Tencent a dominant player in the streaming media live broadcasting market. Although China has the largest live broadcasting user base in the world and the industry revenue is expected to increase from $550 million in 2017 to $16.5 billion in 2022, the industry is also facing many challenges due to fierce competition and the encroachment of short video applications on its users. [Link to the original

The founder of Visual China responded to queries about the copyright of the flag and so on: there is no overwhelming price

Some media have dug out the visual Chinese flag, national emblem and other pictures to declare copyright. Chai Jijun, founder of Visual China, responded that many of the photos were uploaded by contributors and that copyright declarations had been revoked. Chai Jijun said that because the phenomenon of unauthorized use of pictures is very serious, seldom from the media will take the initiative to obtain reasonable authorization. [Link to the original

Li Guoqings support for Liu Qiangdong: As long as the board of directors agrees to dictatorship, theres nothing wrong with it.

During this period, Jingdong has become the focus of public opinion because of frequent adjustments to management, promotion of the 995 overtime system, adjustments to the income standards of couriers, and even rumors of 8% layoffs. On April 10, Li Guoqing, who was certified as the founder of Weibo, in an interview with the media, strongly supported Li Qiangdong, who had recently fallen into the whirlpool of public opinion: Chairman Liu promotes change, and his spirit is commendable! As long as the board of directors agrees, there is nothing wrong with dictatorship. [Link to the original

Amazon has been exposed to thousands of employees worldwide monitoring user-to-Alexa conversations

April 11, Bloomberg reported that Amazon employs thousands of employees worldwide to help improve Alexa, its digital assistant who supports its Echo smart speakers. The researchers were exposed to the fact that they could monitor and record conversations at Echo ownershomes and offices. [Link to the original

Scientists took pictures of two black holes and only one was washed out.

On the evening of April 10, the first black hole photograph of human beings was released jointly around the world. The protagonist is in the middle of the distant M87 galaxy. In fact, in April 2017, the eight EHT telescopes selected two targets, and the other one is closer to the Earth, which is the central black hole of our galaxy. So why didnt you see a picture of a black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy this time? Experts say there are more technical difficulties in taking photos of the galaxys central black hole. Because the Earth is in the silver disk, the black hole in the observation center needs to pass through many stars, dust and gas, which causes strong scattering effect and makes imaging more difficult. [Link to the original

Frightened by the Lyft crash? Ubers highest valuation is $100 billion

Several media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Uber, the largest online vehicle in the United States, plans to raise $10 billion, with a price guidance range of $48-55 and a valuation of up to $100 billion, which is less than the expected $120 billion. Competitor Lyft, or Chengqian, fell more than 10% on Wednesday, dropping nearly 33% from its record high. [Link to the original