660,000 new cars leak without changing women: too reasonable to be bullied

 660,000 new cars leak without changing women: too reasonable to be bullied

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660,000 Mercedes-Benz oil spill 4S stores without opening their doors for 15 days, which does not solve the problem of crying women owners (Source:)

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, a woman in Xian, Shaanxi Province, recently bought a new Mercedes-Benz for 660,000 yuan, but the engine leaked before the car left. Since then, the car has been in the store.

Within 15 days, after many negotiations, the shops solution has changed from refund, car change to free engine change. Women will sit on the roof of the shop without accepting it. Video with clear ideas has aroused heated discussion on the Internet.

I am a cultural educated person, but this incident has made my education for decades a great shame! I was just too reasonable to be bullied by you.

In the video, the woman car owner sat on the front hood of a red car and complained with a crying chamber against Xian Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd. that it was only five minutes before she signed the bill of lading and the engine leaked without leaving the door. Ill call the salesman right away and they say that the engine is out of gas. You come to the store and Ill refuel you.

After driving the car back to the store, the Mercedes-Benz has been parked in the store. During this period, the owner and 4S shop negotiated three times. For the first time, I said I wanted to refund, and then I suggested that it would be inconvenient for me to change my car and that it would be inconvenient for me to change my car to compensate. I agreed.

Until April 8, 15 days later, Lizhixing again overturned the previous solution, saying that the current situation according to the states three packages provisions can only replace the engine free of charge.

Its no mistake to change an engine without driving a kilometer! If you really change the engine, even used cars can not be sold, why should I accept it? The owner was forced to come to 4S shop again and sit on the roof of the car crying for comment.

But even though they are already very angry, the car owners still put the facts in good order, only hope to get a reasonable solution.

It is reported that the car was purchased by the owners family to celebrate his birthday. The price is 660,000 yuan. The owner has to pay back the loan after paying the first 200,000 yuan. She is even more aggrieved here.

I spent so much money that I didnt drive a car for a day. Why should I pay the loan back? But Mercedes-Benz Financial responded that it was a personal loan, which had to be repaid in accordance with the regulations.

The store staff advised him to get off and talk slowly, but the owner responded in a good voice, If you guys talk to me, I wont sit here and lose face. Now that the network is so developed, people upload it to me. What can I do? I dont want my face today.

You can call 110 or the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. Take me away and expose me. I hope you can give me a chance to be caught. I dont believe theres no reason in this world.

If theres a problem with driving 200 kilometers a long distance, you tell me aboutthree packages. I agree with you, but I havent driven out of this door yet. I havent opened a kilometer yet. At the beginning, I was told that I could get a refund or change my car. Finally, you told me about three packages. You gave me a free engine change and let me call 12315 (315 complaint hotline). Do you think its appropriate?

The crowd immediately shouted Not suitable!

Video has aroused widespread concern. Most netizens believe that after changing the engine, the value of the new car will be reduced, let alone the car will go wrong without leaving the door. The owner has reason to ask for no excessive change.

On the afternoon of April 11, the reporter called Xian Lizhixing Automobile Co., Ltd. The after-sales staff said that the matter had been properly resolved and agreed with the owner. The owner of the solution was also satisfied, but as for the specific solution, it was not convenient to disclose.

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Yang Yi_NBJ10647