British girls have been sexually assaulted by their elders since the age of 5 and forced to abort on a hanger at the age of 9 and 12

 British girls have been sexually assaulted by their elders since the age of 5 and forced to abort on a hanger at the age of 9 and 12

The World Wide Web reported that a girl in Britain had been sexually assaulted by her elders for nine years since she was 5 years old and even had to abort on a hanger... The Sun reported on April 10 such a rare case of child rape.

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A waking nightmare

Charlotte. Photo Source: The Sun

The story begins 17 years ago: Charlotte was only 5 years old in 2002.

Raymond, 73, is her stepfathers father, Charlottes nominal grandfather. One day, Charlottes stepfather went out and her mother was busy working. Raymond offered to help look after Charlotte.

Charlotte likes Raymond very much because she said in an interview, Hes like my real grandfather. Every time he comes, he brings me chocolate.

However, it was not long before Raymond showed his true face.

Charlotte recalled, On that day, Raymond behaved very differently. He asked me if I knew how to kiss like an adult. When I said no, he began to kiss my lips. Later, he told me that it was a secret between us. From then on, every time we were alone, he would do that.

Reported that after Charlottes parents fell asleep, Raymond would let Charlotte touch him.

The next year, Raymond moved his family to Charlottes neighborhood.

Faced with fear, Charlotte chose silence. He threatened me that if I dared to tell anyone, he would hurt my brothers. I want to protect them, so I choose to remain silent. Charlotte explained.

Evil will not end in silence

(Raymond. Photo Source: The Sun

When Charlotte was seven years old, this grandpa raped her.

Charlotte said, He told me this is what adults should do. Then he went to the store and bought me candy, acting as if nothing had happened.

Charlotte was eight years old, and Raymond began to force her to make sex videos. Charlotte began to try to resist, but he put my hand in the kettle.

Evil grew stronger with Charlottes growth.

In 2009, 12-year-old Charlotte became pregnant. A few weeks later, Raymond took her to her apartment and forced her to miscarry on a hanger.

At that time, I thought I was going to die. He also told me that I would not be pregnant again. Charlotte recalled the situation at that time.

The shadow of childhood has been shrouding Charlotte, she even wanted to commit suicide many times.

Say No to Sexual Invasion

Charlotte. Source: Sun)

The nightmare ended when Raymond and her mother had a big fight. After that, Raymond never came to her house again.

In 2016, Charlotte, 14, decided to put an end to all suffering and punish the culprits. In November, Charlotte reported the case to the police.

In July 2017, at the Royal Court of Cardiff, Raymond pleaded guilty to 24 crimes, including rape of children under 13 years of age and the use of instruments for abortion.

But Judge Philip Arrisis-Jenkins noted that Raymond has no regrets for the crimes he committed.

Eventually, Raymond was sentenced to 25 years in prison and marked as a sexual assailant for life.

Charlotte wept with joy at the news. She said, Speaking it out can help me continue my life, and I want to encourage people who have the same experience as me to stand up bravely. The sick Raymond deprived me of my happy childhood, but I cant let him ruin my future.

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