Female twins were told that their youngest son had died 10 years before his son appeared again?

 Female twins were told that their youngest son had died 10 years before his son appeared again?

These days, a family search announcement has touched many peoples hearts. A man in Sichuan sent a paper looking for a twin brother who might be alive, hoping to solve the mystery of the cancer mothers accumulated heart for many years. According to Peng Yang, a man looking for someone, in 1991 his mother gave birth in a hospital in Deyang, Sichuan. The mother with twins only saw Peng Yang, while the other child was told by a nurse to be stillborn. Originally thought that Peng Yangs twin brother had died long ago, his mother learned from her aunt and uncle in the same village in 2001 that they had both met a boy who looked very similar to Peng Yang. Recently, Peng Yangs mother had worsened her cancer condition. She wanted to know whether the boy her relatives met many years ago was her own child. Therefore, Peng Yang posted through the Internet, hoping to find clues to complete her mothers final wish.

The family learned 10 years later that the twin brother might be alive

On the morning of April 11, Mr. Zhang, Peng Yangs uncle, confirmed to reporters in Beijing Youth Daily that his family was looking for relatives. According to Mr. Zhang, before 2001, his family did not believe that Peng Yangs twin brother was still alive. On October 13, 1991, Peng Yang and his twin brother were born, but the nurse who delivered the baby at that time said that the other child was stillborn. Mr. Zhang said that Pengyangs mother had already given birth to him by then, and his brother could not give birth. When he woke up after the injection, the head nurse said that the other was stillborn and the hospital had disposed of it. At that time, Peng Yangs father and aunt were dissatisfied with the practice of the hospital because they had not seen the dead childs body in person, but they believed in the news of the death of Peng Yangs twin brother.

Photos of Peng Yang in 2019

The turning point occurred in 2001, when Peng Yang was 10 years old, when his aunt went to the dining hall of No. 1 Primary School in Deyang City to work, she saw a boy who looked almost identical to Peng Yang. Aunt was very surprised, so she pulled the boy to ask him what his name was and where he lived. But my aunt didnt know about my mothers past of having twins, so she was just curious.

Peng Yang recalled that when she returned home that Spring Festival, her aunt told her mother about this experience. She only remembered the boys surname Xie, and her classmates said he had picked it up, which aroused her mothers suspicion. Coincidentally, Mr. Bo Bo Peng Xiankai of Pengyang Tongcun was also doing business near Deyang City. According to his recollections, he also met the boy who looked like Peng Yang. At that time, he thought that Peng Yang, 10, had run to Deyang to play alone.

Mothers hope to see their children solve the mystery before they die.

If my brother is really alive, he will be 28 years old like me this year. I always thought that after 28 years, my mother had let it go. Peng Yang said that when he happened to chat with his uncle, he learned that his mother had never missed his brother, but was afraid to trouble his children and family, and never dared to mention it. In 2015, Peng Yangs mother suffered from rectal cancer and improved after treatment. But recently, her mothers condition has deteriorated, and cancer cells have spread to the brain and other parts of the body, leaving her little time, Peng Yang told the Beijing Youth Daily.

Peng Yang in 2014

Mother worked hard all her life, but she was afraid of bothering others to tell her true wishes. Peng Yang said he wanted to help his mother complete her last wish, find the boy, and solve the mystery that her mother had accumulated for many years. On the announcement of seeking relatives, Peng Yang attached his own photo, hoping that someone who found similar to Peng Yang in appearance and situation could provide clues.

Because there is no clear clue, we can only send a letter for help at present.

Around 2001, my mother learned that more than one person had met a boy who looked like me in a small neighborhood of Deyang City. She had followed her aunt to find him. Peng Yang said, but unfortunately, the mother followed her aunt to Deyang No. 1 Primary School and did not find the boy. They heard from their classmates that the boy had transferred to school. At that time, our family was very poor. A small school in Deyang was a very good school for us. Mother judged that if my brother could go to school there, he should live in a family with better conditions. Besides, he was afraid of making trouble for his family, so he would not continue to find people.

After Peng Yangs mothers condition deteriorated, Peng Yang and his family wanted to try to send an article through the Internet platform. They asked netizens from all over the country to help them look for the boy. They hoped that their mother would confirm whether another twin was alive when she gave birth in 1991. Mr. Zhang, Peng Yangs uncle, explained that the family did not seek help from the local police and other departments because they did not have clear clues at present. In the early days when there were no more clues, we also hoped to respect Peng Yangs mothers idea and not bother others too much about it.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284