Why did the competition eat the closed door of the Asian Games: doubts about the value orientation of multi-content killing

 Why did the competition eat the closed door of the Asian Games: doubts about the value orientation of multi-content killing

Its premature.

Or the game of interests behind it?

The idea of entering Asia by electronic competition is not empty, but how high the wind blows before, how painful it is now when it falls down, and how puzzled people are when their dreams are shattered.

In April 2017, the Asian Olympic Council and Ali Sports announced a strategic partnership to join the 2017 Ashgabat Indoor Martial Arts Games, the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games and the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. Among them, the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games will take the electronic sports as a formal event, which is an official announcement.

Over time, the Ashgabat Indoor Martial Arts Games and the Jakarta Asian Games did take the competition as a performance item. The Chinese team won gold medals in many events, and the competitors saw their dreams come true little by little. Therefore, the competition became the official event of the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022, and everyone thought it was nailed down.

However, things quickly became confusing. At the Olympic Summit at the end of 2018, the IOC discussed the issue of whether to use E-sports as a competition item. The result was that it was too early, and even whether E-sports should be named as sports needed further discussion.

On the other hand, the IOC points out that the E-sports industry mainly operates around business logic, while the IOC is based on certain values, some of which are not even in line with the value orientation of the Olympic Games.

Indeed, E-sports is an extension of video games, and almost all of the boom in the market is related to killing. Although there are also football and basketball games, it is undeniable that the audience of these traditional sports-based games is not enough. On the other hand, the game is essentially a commodity. The original purpose of E-sports competition is to market games and prolong travel. Play life, once selected as the Asian Games competition project for game developers and operators, this will undoubtedly produce great commercial value, so what game to choose as a competition project itself has not reached a unification in the industry.

Before the cooperation with the Asian Olympic Council, Ali Sports began to lay out the e-sports industry. In 2016, the first World E-sports Games (WESG) was launched, including CS: GO, DOTA2, StarCraft II, and Furnace Stone Legend. In 2017, the second session joined Boxing Emperor 14 and Vanity Fair, which were held in Ashgabat Indoor in the same year. The events of the Wudao Games are basically the same. It can be said that Ali Sports has made a big step forward in entering Asia by means of its own efforts.

However, all these competitions are not Alis products. And it is worth noting that Tencents Hero Alliance and Kings Glory are not among the selected projects. We should know that the number of users of these two projects in China is far more than that of the same type of Vanity.

At the Jakarta Asian Games in 2018, six events such as Live Football appeared as performances, and The League of Heroes and Arena of Valor successfully brought back two gold medals for China. These young people who participated in the game became heroes, and the status and exposure of these two games were unprecedentedly improved, while Ali Sports created the third. The WESG session was still tepid. Since the announcement of cooperation with the Asian Olympic Council, Ali has not eaten the cake, and has not continued to speak on the matter of entering Asia since.

It is also from the end of this year that the Olympic Committee issued a voice that it is too early to compete for the Olympic Games. We dont know what happened in the meantime, but everything is back to the starting point. Although the door of Hangzhou Asian Games has not been closed, it does not rule out the possibility of new events after consultation, but its difficulty can be imagined.

Even if it does not enter Asia

Competition is also heading in the right direction.

Although there is no hope of entering Asia for the time being, it is undeniable that E-sports has become one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years. According to the data reported by CCTV financial and economic reports, the scale of Chinas E-sports market in 2018 is 8.48 billion yuan, and by 2020, the output value of Chinas e-sports industry chain is expected to reach 21.1 billion yuan. In such a huge market, practitioners also need to be recognized urgently. Therefore, in the new profession officially recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs on April 3, E-sports occupies two jobs: e-athletes and e-sports operators.

In the view of Jin Kao-sheng, Secretary-General of Zhejiang Electronic Association, Being recognized by the Ministry of Social Affairs is an important symbol of the progress of the electronic competition industry. The recognition of the electronic competition practitioners and the establishment of the professional identity of the electronic competition industry can better manage the overall norms of the industry.

As the holder of LGD and VPGAME, a well-known club in China, Pan Jie believes that the recognition of new profession is more to let more outsiders get away from the shallow understanding of playing games. But in terms of actual management, there is no substantial impact.

At present, the quality of practitioners and industry standards are missing. The identification of new professions is conducive to promoting the formation and improvement of the industry access system. Especially now there are a large number of practitioners, and many colleges and universities have opened E-sports related majors, which is a direction for them.

Even if this competition does not enter Asia, it will not have a great impact on the domestic competition industry, because the current industry fever, national policy support, are pushing this industry to a better direction. Pan Jie said.

Source: Liable Editor of Zhejiang Online-Qianjiang Evening News: Cao Lie-E_NS1806