Hardest core courier brother: there are more than a dozen Suites at home, but early greedy black courier delivery

 Hardest core courier brother: there are more than a dozen Suites at home, but early greedy black courier delivery

Chutian Metropolitan Daily Wechat Public Number News, dark skin, big hands full of cocoons, kind smiles... Apart from being older, courier Ke Dayong seems to be an ordinary courier.

He worked hard in Guangbutun and bought more than 10 apartments in Wuhan. He owned a luxury car and had a happy family. Ko Dayong has these labels that successful people deserve.

However, it is such a man who has already lived a rich life, but when he is about to enter a puzzling year, he suddenly changes the channel of life and works as a courier for seven years.

If it werent for a reporters on-the-spot interview, it would be hard to link the ordinary courier with a multimillionaire. Lao Kes colleagues said, Lao Kes family is so dedicated. Why should we be lazy?

Come the earliest and go the latest every day

Yesterday morning, at 5:00 am, the dawn just broke, Wuhan suddenly cooled down, there was some cold in the morning, but a familiar figure still appeared on time in Donghu New Technology Development Zone Guanggu Pioneer Street, Beijing East Wuhan Jiayuan Business Department. He is Ke Dayong, an express veteran who has worked in Beijing East Logistics for seven years. His colleagues call him Lao Ke cordially.

Because the earliest transfer train arrived outside the business department at 5:30 on time, Lao Ke had to come to the business department in advance to make preparations. He pushed the electric cars in the business department to the door one by one, checked and sorted the goods that had arrived the night before, and then prepared the trailer and POS machine for inspection, so that other colleagues could unload the goods directly from the transfer truck after arriving at the post, saving a lot of time.

At 5 a.m., Lao Ke arrived at the sales department. The night before, Lao Ke returned to his home in Tibetan Dragon Island from work at 9 oclock. In this way, Lao Ke only rested at home for 8 hours.

Three early shifts a week, each time the earliest to the site, the latest to leave, such work Lao Ke has persisted for seven years.

He does this every day, more like a stationmaster than I do. Station master Yan Jun said.

Yan Jun told reporters that at Shuang11:00 last year, Lao Ke offered to be on duty at night because of too many arrivals at the station, which could not be installed in the station and could not close the door. When he arrived at the station at 7 a.m. the next morning, he found Lao Ke and a colleague had sorted out all the couriers goods in the station and had already delivered them by electric bicycle. Lao Ke is not idle on duty at night. What he does usually takes at least five couriers to finish together.

I cant stay idle. I catch a cold and get sick as soon as I have a rest. Lao Ke said jokingly. Every Spring Festival in the past seven years, except for the 2016 Spring Festival, when he returned to his hometown and reunited with his brother, who had not returned home for many years, he stayed at the station voluntarily for the rest of the Spring Festival. Colleaguesfamilies are all out of town. They seldom go back to accompany their parents and children during the Spring Festival. My family are all in Wuhan. My wife will take over their parents during the Spring Festival. She is on duty with a firm mind. Lao Ke said.

Five-star Distributor with a solid family background

Lao Kes devotion to his work is admired by his colleagues, but if he is not familiar with his people, Im afraid he can never imagine that this simple-looking courier actually has more than 10 suites in Guanggu and four cars in his family. A colleague joked that he was usually driving Cadillac out, driving an electric car to deliver goods at work.

We once visited his house, which is a single lake view villa. Yu Hui, a colleague who has worked with him for three years, told Chutian Metropolitan Daily on the 3rd.

In the afternoon, Lao Ke also took reporters to visit his house on Tibetan Dragon Island. His son and his family lived in one of the duplex buildings. He and his wife, his daughter, who was still in high school, lived in the high-rise of the neighboring community. Go to the villa for New Years Day or holidays. However, Lao Ke only revealed that besides this, he also has a facade and three apartments near Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and several apartments are being rented on Tibetan Dragon Island.

As for automobiles, Lao Ke gave his son the most expensive Cadillac SUV, and occasionally drove it himself. In addition, there were three cars that he had saved over the years. After running with me for so many years, he would not sell them even if he couldnt open them.

In 2017, Lao Ke won the honor of Five-Star Distributor in Jingdong, which represents the highest recognition of business capability within Jingdong.

Have been a civil servant and a boss

Lao Ke is 45 years old. When he was in college in the early 1990s, he showed superhuman business vision, made money by photocopiing on campus and contracted canteens.

After graduating from college, he was admitted to Tianmen Civil Service, but he was not satisfied with the status quo, and later applied to work in a large local enterprise. In 2001, taking advantage of the upsurge of English learning in China, he took his family to Zhejiang and became the agent of the first batch of English learning machines in China. At the time of its largest scale, there were nearly 80 sales outlets in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

In 2005, he returned to Hubei and rented four counters in the then booming Guangbu Tun, where he began selling computers and mobile phones.

Over the past ten years, Lao Ke has used his savings accumulated in industry to buy real estate.

In 2011, Lao Ke decided to switch channels again to slow down his life. With the computer business becoming more and more sluggish, he simply closed some of the counters and left his wife to watch the shop and rest at home. But he could not rest idle. At that time, he found that Jingdong was recruiting couriers. After a little consideration, he applied. Delivery courier everywhere every day, may help me lose weight. I could finish work at 5 oclock and catch up with my daughter after school. He wants to be a courier, of course I object, but he has to go with him. Lao Kes wife said, unexpectedly, he has been working for seven years, and more and more dedicated.

Dont think Im so thin now. You never imagined I used to be a fat man with a speed of 200 kilograms. Lao Ke said with a laugh. I used to struggle to climb the stairs to the second floor, but now I can carry a box of water and climb the eighth floor in one breath.

Dialogue courier Lao Keu2014u2014

Do your best in everything

Many people admire Lao Ke and dont understand that he can enjoy his life freely for a long time. Why do we have to do this hard work?

Its our familys consensus to do our best in everything. Lao Ke always believed that this belief sustained the second and second half of his life.


What makes you successful when you are young?


The spirit of refusing to defeat. After I went to Zhejiang to sell English learning machines, the agent was not a big brand. I communicated with Xinhua Bookstore six times and finally touched them.


You cant stay idle before you become a courier. Why are you still working so hard?


Whether I work in the system, or go to work as a boss, or do the current physical work, I always have only one concept of work: down-to-earth, do a line of love.


Will this manual work last for a long time? Or do you have your own plan?


If nothing happens, it should go on.

Source: Responsible Editor of Chutian Metropolitan Daily: Li Wan_B11284