Video Exposure of Mother Flying Kick Girl Model Niu Niu More Throwing Niu Niu

 Video Exposure of Mother Flying Kick Girl Model Niu Niu More Throwing Niu Niu

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The model girl was beaten by her mothers clothes hanger (Source:)

Recently, a video of a girl model Niu Niu being kicked by her mother in the street in Hangzhou became popular online and aroused public anger. On April 10, Niuniu Mama issued an apology statement through microblog, pleading for social forgiveness, but most people did not buy it.

On the 11th, the incident continued to ferment. Some netizens have revealed that Niunius mother took her daughter to take part in video shooting of childrens clothes before, and found that she had played her daughter more than once...

As you can see from the first video, for some reason, Niu Niu was kicked by a woman behind her when she was taking a picture. Niu Niu did not stand still for a moment and staggered forward for several steps.

The Beijing News later confirmed that the woman was Niu Nius mother. Under the pressure of public opinion, in the early morning of the 10th, Niuniu Mama read the apology statement through micro-blog, saying that all children are the hearts and minds of their parents, and there is no so-called child abuse. In the video, she acted too much, which made everyone misunderstand. She didnt think of hurting her children.

In the afternoon of the same day, Niu Nius mother was introduced in a live interview with the Beijing News that Niu Niu had just reached the age of 3 this year and had been in business for half a year. As a child model, Niu Niu works four to five days a week, and the average number of clothes she shoots every day is 20 to 30 sets. She also clarified that Niu Niu was not used as a camera, in fact, the whole shooting atmosphere was very good. My husband has a job, and our family does not depend on Niu Niu to support themselves.

As for how much money Niuniu could make, she was always reluctant to reveal. After being questioned by reporters, she finally indicated that the income of the whole child model industry is between 10-500,000 a year.

Talking about the reasons for the beating, she said that because it was getting dark, she was afraid that Niu would run to the road, and she was also anxious for a moment. How could I go up and kick her for no reason?... At that time, I kicked out to frighten her. I acted very hard, but hardly on her. She didnt cry because she didnt hurt. But at the same time, I also need to correct, hit my daughter, pain in my heart.

In the live broadcast, Niunius mother also showed her childs leg scar to netizens. She said that the scar was not caused by abuse, but by the childs own fall in the training camp. When the reporter asked Niu Niu twice whether she liked taking photos, Niu said she did not like it.

But Niu Nius mother explained that Niu Niu had not reached the age of kindergarten, and she could not do countless things, What children say...

This remark, obviously, has not been the understanding of most netizens.

Whats more, some netizens went on to reveal that Niunius mother had beaten her daughter many times...

A netizen said that in March this year he saw Niu Nius mother squatting on the ground talking to Niu Niu at a photography base, and said, Can you be energetic?

At the same time, he disclosed that it was already more than 10 p.m.To treat his daughter like this, passers-by couldnt look down on it, so they took pictures.

In another video, Niunius mother slapped it directly. In view of Niu Nius conditioned reflex hand back, the netizens who contributed questioned with distress, Niu Niu how many beatings did she get to react like this?

In the third video, the netizens exposed, they saw Niu Nius mother pointing at her daughters clothes hanger and suspected persecution:

Now we all feel that the apology of Niunius mother is unbelievable...

Not only that, but now Taobao has taken the photos of Niu Niu off the shelf. Less than two hours after Niunius mothers interview video was released, the Beijing News updated the news that the incident had aroused public anger among Taobao merchants:

110 Taobao childrens clothing stores jointly called for the standardization of the childrens model shooting industry to promote the protection of childrens models. They call on businesses and brands to unite, strictly regulate the shooting of child models, strictly prohibit all acts of cruelty towards children, and refuse to use all pictures and videos that are harmful to childrens rights and interests in the shooting process.

But some netizens believe that the above-mentioned businesses in this section of the eye issued announcements, there is a rubbing heat suspicion.

Up to now, Niunius mother has not responded to the new hit video.

In any case, this incident has brought the so-called child model fever to the front of everyone.

According to the public No. 11 issue of Hubei Jingjing, this job has a bright surface, but in fact its all for childrens happy time to play. Children are lovely in any way, changing clothes to take pictures, walking shows, low technical difficulty, so they have the natural advantage of making money.

For example, Anne, a Chinese-German girl, has many businesses contacting them to take pictures because of her good appearance, exquisite features and good facial shape. More than 1,000 yuan per hour, sometimes a day can take 70 or 80 sets of clothes, the busiest time, six days a week are shooting. Because the rule of the industry is to take summer clothes in winter and winter clothes in summer, you can often see childrens models in the pile of adults wearing cotton clothes, blowing their noses while changing clothes with bare arms and legs.

Even the average child model earns a lot. According to Huzhou Online earlier reports, childrens model shooting a suit of clothes generally earns 80 to 150 yuan. In Zhili Town, known as the childrens clothing market, childrens model annual income ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan. Modern Express reporter 10 days survey said that the average child model work 8 hours a day, daily salary averages 4,000 yuan, the Internet Red child model will be more, and some have to queue for reservations.

When a journalist asked a child model if it was cold to shoot in winter, he nodded his head and then said, No, its not cold. Im used to it. Its especially painful.

The fatigue and suffering of child models are beyond our imagination. In 2016, there will be news about Dongguan childrens model shooting too much, tired to collapse.

Some netizens said that they have seen many things in their lives:


Some parents may say that children like new clothes and photographs. In response, Zhao Yufei Faery, a former child model blogger, said his feelings on Weibo:

Earning money for me at that time did not have any concept, just want adults comfort or hurry home.

Wang Yuan, a member of the youth idol group TFBOYS, is young and famous, which makes many people envy him. However, his mother once said in an interview that if he could come back, I would never let him go this way. She said that in the stage of needing friends and partners, Wang Yuan had nothing but fame and fortune and staff around him.

Wang Yuan missed all the time when he should have played with his classmates, played basketball and made friends on campus. Wang Yuans mothers most regrettable thing is: Wang Yuans childhood, did not play enough.

Many parents think that they can give their children a chance to show off, not only to make profits for themselves, but also to lay the foundation for their childrens future development.

However, is this really good for childrens growth?

Source: Responsible Editor of Observer Network: Yang Yi_NBJ10647