The trial of six people involved in evil at the funeral of the deceased father of the borrower

 The trial of six people involved in evil at the funeral of the deceased father of the borrower

According to the official Wechat of Jinan Mayor Qing District Peoples Court, on the morning of April 11, Jinan Mayor Qing District Peoples Court opened a public hearing to hear criminal cases involving offences of provocation, extortion and illegal detention committed by defendants Zhang Mou, Jia Chuanmou, Yuan Shuai Mou, Yao Wenmou, Song Yemou, Jiangmou.

The case is presided over by Bi Huiyan, President of the Peoples Court of Qing District, Mayor of Jinan, who forms a collegial panel with post judges Wang Fang and Yan Zizhen. Wang Wen, Procurator General of the Peoples Procuratorate of Qing District, Mayor of Jinan, appeared in court to perform his duties according to law. Several media reported on the trial.

During the trial, the collegial panel strictly controls the facts, evidence, procedure and application of law, accurately grasps the rhythm of the trial, correctly guides both the prosecution and the defense to conduct court investigation, court cross-examination and court debate, fully guarantees the defendants litigation rights such as proof, cross-examination, debate and final statement, and the whole court trial is focused on smoothly and orderly.

Procurator Wang Wen read out the indictment, questioned the defendant according to law around the facts and evidence of the case, and presented relevant evidence.

Brief introduction of the case

According to the prosecution charges, on the evening of November 26, 2017, the defendant Zhang Mou and the victim Liu Mou had a dispute and agreed to face-to-face theory. Subsequently, Zhang gathered the defendants Jia Chuanmou, Yao Wenmou, Song Yemou, Jiangmou and others to meet with the victim Liu Mou. After that, there was a dispute, and then assaulted the victim Liu Mou and others, resulting in Liu Mou and other injuries. After identification, Lius injuries were assessed as minor injuries.

Since 2014, the defendant Zhang Mou has engaged in usurious lending business. In November 2016, Zhang claimed the money owed to Jinmou and sprayed Jinmou repays Zhangmou on the walls of Jinmous house; in September 2016, Zhangmou and Jia Chuanmou shouted Jinmou repays money with loudspeakers at the funeral of Jinmous father, gathering outside the funeral, setting off firecrackers, playing music and pulling banners until the end of the funeral.

In the process of usurious lending, the defendant Zhang Mou gathered many people to collect debts from Hao Mou. In March 2016, he forced Hao Mous bicycle to go away in a bicycle shop. At noon that day, the defendant Zhang Mou violated Hao Mous cousin Dong Mous wishes, forced Dong Mou to leave, forced him to call Hao Mous father, urged Hao Mous father to repay, and forced Dong Mou to sign a certificate with a total fee of 22200 yuan, such as towing bicycle. Later, the defendant Zhang Mou asked Hao Mous father for the sum and the escort fee of 1500 yuan to return the bicycle. The defendant, Zhang Mou, extorted 23700 yuan from Hao Mous father. After the incident, the defendants, Yuan Shuai-mou, Yao Wenmou and Song Yemou, voluntarily surrendered to the public security organs and confessed the criminal facts truthfully.

It was also found that since 2015, the defendants Zhang Mou, Jia Chuanmou, Yuan Shuai Mou, Yao Wenmou and others have crossed into groups and repeatedly committed illegal acts such as throwing paint, smashing windows and illegal detention.

The defendants Zhang Mou, Jia Chuanmou, Yuan Shuai Mou, Yao Wenmou, etc. often gather together to carry out many criminal activities, such as provoking trouble, extortion, illegal detention, etc. by means of typesetting and intimidation, in order to commit non-evil, oppress the people, disrupt the economic and social life order, and cause relatively bad social impact. They have formed a vicious force organization headed by Zhang Mou.

The Changqing Court invited more than 50 people, including deputies to the NPC, members of the CPPCC, the families of the defendants, journalists and the masses from all walks of life, to attend the trial.

At present, the case is still in the process of trial.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper