Black Hole Photos Reveal: A-share Black Hole Concept Stock Rises 55 million Light Years Outside

 Black Hole Photos Reveal: A-share Black Hole Concept Stock Rises 55 million Light Years Outside

The next day after the black hole photo was revealed, the concept stock of A-share black hole rose sharply, Zhejiang Southeast Grid Co., Ltd. (002135, hereinafter referred to as Southeast Grid) opened 9%, Phoenix Optics Co., Ltd. (600071, hereinafter referred to as Phoenix Optics), Hainengda Communications Co., Ltd. (002583, hereinafter referred to as Hainengda), Shanghai Mingzhi Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.uff08 603728, hereinafter referred to as Mingzhi Electrical Appliances) have strengthened.

It is understood that in order to photograph the M87 Galaxy black hole, scientists will form an array of eight radio telescopes around the world to observe jointly, forming a large telescope with an effective aperture equal to the diameter of the earth. This virtual large telescope is called the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT).

Referring to radio telescope, it is reminiscent that the 500-metre spherical radio telescope (FAST) located in Qiannan, Guizhou Province, is known as Chinas heavenly eye. The FAST project consists of active reflector system, feed support system, measurement and control system, receiver and terminal, and observation base, etc. Most of the black hole concept stocks that rose in early trading are related to FAST projects.

It is understood that the Southeast Grid was established in January 1984, is a large steel structure enterprise, with a large-span space truss structure, space grid shell structure, multi-storey, high-rise, super high-rise heavy steel structure, light steel structure, metal roof system, steel structure residence and other products. The Southeast Grid participated in the construction of the main FAST project and completed the telescope pot reflector used to receive electromagnetic waves in cooperation with the 54th Institute of China Electronic Science and Technology Group. Among them, the southeast grid is responsible for manufacturing the huge backing units needed for receiving panels.

Mingzhi Electrical Appliance was established in July 1998. It manufactures key components of main motion control, intelligent LED lighting control and industrial equipment management. In November 2014, Mingzhi Electrical Appliances control motor and its drive product bid FAST project.

Founded in 1970, Phoenix Optics specializes in the processing of optical components, including the design, production and marketing of optical lenses, optical lenses, metal processing and microscopes for cameras and telescopes.

Hainengda was established in 1993. It specializes in the application development, engineering construction and technical services of wireless communication systems. Part of FAST reflector panel is produced by its wholly-owned subsidiary Hebi Tianhai Electronics.

However, forcibly matching FAST with black hole photos is probably too much for the market, unless you want to see more high-paste black hole photos.

Firstly, the FAST completed in September 2016 is still in the debugging stage and has not started to run formally, while EHT conducted a joint observation of two black hole targets in April 2017.

Secondly, the global network of eight radio telescopes constitutes a virtual large telescope with the same aperture as the diameter of the earth, and the mainland of China is located on the back of the telescope. Therefore, not only FAST, but also the two sub-millimeter wave telescopes (13.7m telescope in Delingha, Qinghai Province and CCOSMA telescope in Tibet) that have been built in mainland China are not possible to set up a network, nor are they geographically appropriate.

In addition, there are differences between radio telescopes and radio telescopes. Radio is a kind of light wave with a wavelength of more than 1 millimeter. The shorter the wavelength used, the higher the resolution of the photo. To this end, EHT team scientists used one of the shortest possible wavelengths in the radio band: submillimeter waves, specifically 1.3mm. The core working wavelength of FAST is longer, reaching centimeter level or even decimeter level, and the working range of FAST is inconsistent. It can be said that if FAST is allowed to join the shooting, only a more high-blurred black hole picture can be taken.

At present, the main scientific objectives of FAST include pulsars and neutral hydrogen, and some phenomena of black holes devouring celestial bodies may also be observed. According to the surging news, there is no plan for FAST to join EHT project team after its formal operation.

Deng Wenyuan, an investment consultant at Dongwu Securities, also said that black hole concept stocks may be related to radio telescopes, but this random speculation is not logical and lasts for a limited time.

At noon on April 11, the southeast grid closed at 6.79 yuan per share, up 5.76%; Phoenix Optics closed at 13.75 yuan; Mingzhi Electric closed at 14.5 yuan, up 0.83%; Haineng closed at 11.14 yuan, down 1.76%.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Peng Mei News