Girl models are kicked by CCTV: Dont let children become domesticated money-making tools

 Girl models are kicked by CCTV: Dont let children become domesticated money-making tools

Recently, the explosion of a child model girl who was kicked by her mother when she was taking photos has aroused a heated discussion on the Internet.

Video shows that a man and a woman, two adults chasing the little girls back with their mobile phones, the little girl walks quietly to a wall with a small bag suspected of props, bends down and puts the bag gently on the ground on the way. At this time, the girls mother immediately goes up and flies, the little girl is kicked a few steps and almost falls, but more painfully, the little girl seems to have been used to it. This treatment, the head did not return, quietly stood there, let mother tidy up the skirt corner after being kicked... Most of the netizens who have watched this video expressed anger and pity: In order to make money for your children, as for the next such cruel hand, like props, children can no longer look directly at childrens models.

On April 10, the self-proclaimed mother of the girl posted an apology statement on her micro-blog account, Niu Niu Mama-201009, saying that she loved her daughter well and had no intention of child abuse, but that a little action on communication and teaching, such as video, would never hurt your ideas, causing misunderstanding and incomprehension. However, netizens do not buy it. At present, there are more than 60,000 messages on the micro-blog. Many netizens express their discontent that such a small child should come out to earn money and be subjected to violent discipline.

According to the childrens model cooperator, the woman is the mother of the girl Niu Niu. As a model, Niu Niu cooperates with many shops and receives a large number of orders. According to media reports, the childrens wear model industry has begun to take shape in Zhili Town, Huzhou City. There are special training classes for childrens models. Childrens models usually earn 80 to 150 yuan for a suit of clothes. As far as childrens models in Zhili Town are concerned, their annual income ranges from tens of thousands to millions of yuan. Facing the temptation of great interests, some parents chose to push their children to the camera. It is said that some children will take pictures until 10 p.m. after school, and even at midnight during the large-scale clothing ordering meeting. According to Niu Nius mother in another video, Niu Niu has just turned three years old and has been working for six months. That is to say, when Niu Niu was two and a half years old, she had already come out to make money and take orders.

So is it legal to employ child models? Whether the fact that Niu Niu was kicked in the video is as Niu Nius mother said, because she was naughty because she ran on the road, I was in a hurry for a while, we just want to find out the truth: let pre-age children take advertisements, especially against the wishes of their children, whether parents are suspected of violating relevant laws and regulations? According to Article 38 of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the Protection of Minors, no organization or individual may employ minors under the age of 16, except as otherwise provided by the State. This means that, in the legal sense, the long-term (non-temporary) use of children to make money by employing child models, such as their parents and businesses, has been suspected of being illegal.

It is well known that the life of preschool children should be based on the care and care of adults, rather than using children as a means of making money and being forced to work like adults. In the video, we can see that Niu Nius performance in front of the camera is not voluntary. It seems that she is accustomed to kicking because she does not cooperate with the camera. We can not help asking: behind the bright smiles of those child models on the e-commerce platform, how many disciplines have been concealed by parents and businessmen as money-making tools? Such discipline is not for the pursuit of better growth and education of children, but for the naked personal and commercial interests of adults.

This should be innocent and carefree age, but adults have been domesticated as a means of making money. Facing the cameras, pretending to laugh and play, a little carelessness will lead to discipline and instruction. I dont know if it can be relieved if young girls recall this scene when they grow up.

Source: CCTV responsible editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647