The Taliban shot down US military B52 in Afghanistan? One doubtful point is hard to explain.

 The Taliban shot down US military B52 in Afghanistan? One doubtful point is hard to explain.

A screenshot of the Russian news agencys report on the incident: The Taliban claimed to have shot down US B52 bombers in Afghanistan

As soon as the news came out, there was an uproar on the internet. B52 is the oldest strategic bomber serving in the United States. It is almost a totem of the U.S. Air Force. After the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Kosovo War and the Afghan War, it dropped tons of bombs. Because its lifting limit is as high as 15,000 meters, so the nickname stratospheric fortress, its combat radius exceeds 7,000 kilometers, carrying 32 tons of ammunition, the famous carpet bombing is B52s trademark stunt.

The B52 bomber, which receives refueling in the air, can fly 14000 kilometers without refueling.

B52 has suffered minimal losses in recent decades, with three injuries in the Gulf War, two of which were attacked by Iraqi Sam anti-aircraft missiles and 100 mm anti-aircraft artillery, and one by a friendly aircraft. On the one hand, the US militarys combat capability has greatly improved compared with the past. On the other hand, Iraqs air defense forces have been almost destroyed and unable to resist effectively.

The B52 Bomber, code-named Memphis Belle IV, showed all payloads and participated in the Gulf War.

But in the Vietnam War, the damage of B52 was astonishing. In the guard 2 operation, a total of 15 B52 were shot down, 5 seriously damaged and 5 moderately injured, while the North Vietnamese claimed to have shot down 31 B52. The results are basically obtained by Sam 2 missiles. According to the US military statistics, in the operation of Guard 2, Vietnamese troops launched about 1240 Sam 2 missiles! This flying pole can shoot down B52 as long as it hits one shot. Throughout the Vietnam War, a total of 31 B52 were shot down or crashed.

The B52 bomber, which carried out carpet bombing during the Vietnam War, is its trademark stunt.

At present, the U.S. militarys B52 has been upgraded to B52H, which has greatly improved its performance compared with the past. It not only replaced better engines, but also replaced electronic warfare systems and self-defense systems, and installed a global positioning system, which has the ability to strike accurately. It can be said that the B52H and the B52 bomber in Vietnam War are the product of two eras.

The B52, which has been modernized and improved, is quite different from the original engine, electronic equipment and weapon systems.

So the question is, can the Taliban shoot it down?

In theory, although the B52 is huge, its fuselage is not armored, so it can not withstand the impact of missiles and small anti-aircraft guns. In particular, the Taliban revealed that it was shot down during its take-off phase. The B52 aircraft was the most vulnerable during the take-off and landing phase. On 19 May 2016, a B52 aircraft at the US military base in Guam suffered a crash when its engine inhaled birds during take-off. From this point of view, the weapons used by the Taliban are absolutely enough to threaten B52.

The most dangerous air defense weapon in the hands of the Taliban is the poisonous missile. Ironically, it was aided by the U.S. government to deal with the Soviet army.

The ZPU-23-2 23mm small anti-aircraft gun used by the Taliban also laid down many Soviet aircraft that year.

But at present, in addition to the Taliban statement, there are reprints of Russian news agencies, the United States has not responded, there are no photos and videos of the scene, the current B52 crash photos, are also the scene of the 2016 bird crash. Another big doubt is that the U.S. military has not deployed B52 bombers in Afghanistan.

Photographs of the B52 crash site at the US military base in Guam in 2016, the plane caught fire

Bird-striking B52 bomber was completely burned, and many media outlets now regard this photo as a live photo of the Taliban shooting down B52.

After the Gulf War, the United States first used B52 bombers in the Middle East in 2016. The aircraft was deployed at Udaid Air Force Base in Qatar. Previous bombing missions were mainly carried out by B1 bombers. From here, the B52 Bomber can fly more than 2,000 kilometers to Afghanistan, because the B52 combat radius is more than 7,000 kilometers, so the voyage is more than enough.

The U.S. B52 bomber, deployed at Udaid Air Force Base in Qatar, is landing on the runway of the airport, slowing down with a decelerating parachute.

The reason why the B52 base is located in Qatar is that on the one hand, the strategic bombing airframe is huge, needs a larger hangar, and maintenance is more difficult than ordinary fighter aircraft. Afghanistan can not provide such conditions, on the other hand, it also takes into account the ground attack. In 1964, Vietnamese guerrillas attacked American airports with mortars and rockets, destroying dozens of aircraft of various types, resulting in more than 300 casualties. The B52 is too big to park on the ground and is a very attractive target in Afghanistan.

B52 needs professional maintenance and maintenance. It is doubtful whether the U.S. military bases in Afghanistan can be achieved.

So it is doubtful that the Taliban proposed to shoot down the B52 bomber in the take-off phase, and the US President Trump intends to gradually withdraw the US forces from Afghanistan. In this situation, the US will not deploy the B52 bomber as a strategic weapon in Afghanistan.

Of course, the official response of the United States is needed.

Source of this article: Netease Talking about Military Responsible Editor: Yao Wenguang_NN1682