High-ranking officials say spying in the 2016 election Democratic Party: conspiracy theory

 High-ranking officials say spying in the 2016 election Democratic Party: conspiracy theory

On October 10, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumerfa Twittered Attorney General William Barr, calling his remarks about there was indeed espionage in the 2016 general election a conspiracy theory and demanding its immediate withdrawal.

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According to Russia Today 11 reports, Schumer 10 Twitter asked William Barr to withdraw his theory of espionage in the 2016 general election, Barr must withdraw his words, unless he can find clear evidence to support it, the Attorney Generals Office is making a permanent conspiracy theory.

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I dont believe in Barr, I believe in Muller, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also responded to the media.

According to reports, Barr said on the 10th that spying against President Trumps campaign team took place in the 2016 general election, I think there was a spying incident, but at present Barr has not given relevant evidence to confirm his remarks.

RT said there was no evidence of a collusion between Trumps campaign team and Russia in Mullers Omen report, but the Democrats did not want to give up their conspiracy theory, which had been delayed for nearly three years, and they were asking Barr to issue a full version of the Muller report.

On the 10th, Trump just condemned the FBIs investigation into Tongoumen as an illegal coup, and he hoped that Justice Minister Barr would find out the origin of the investigation. It is reported that Michael Horowitz, the Supervisor General of the U.S. Department of Justice, has been investigating FBI allegations of misuse of foreign intelligence surveillance courts for more than a year. Barr said Tuesday that Horowitzs final report should be completed by May or June.

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