Guizhou Gang and Hunan Gang fight for the voice right of underground Casinos

 Guizhou Gang and Hunan Gang fight for the voice right of underground Casinos

At that time, I saw three men lying on the ground, one holding his legs, one covering his arms, and another just climbing out of the ditch, with a broken head, blood and wet body... In order to seize the right to speak of underground casinos, the Guizhou Band and the Hunan Band in the Yuhang area of Hangzhou fought fiercely. The combatants were slightly bruised, and severed their hands and legs. Eventually, both sides joined in the court. Recently, the Yuhang District Court of Hangzhou has opened hearings to hear the series of cases, sentencing gang members to five years, four months to six months of fixed-term imprisonment for gambling and mass assault.

On April 10, Yuhang District Court announced the details of the case through official Wechat. Old Sun Tou, who lives in Anxi Village, Liangzhu Street, Yuhang District, picks up Coke bottles nearby when he is free, but he did not expect to see such a thrilling scene beside a dismantled abandoned house in the village: steel pipes and sticks everywhere, cars smashed to pieces, and young people lying on the ground crying in pain. Old Sun Tou kindly went to the room to find some bottles of water and handed them to the young people. They could not even unscrew the cap of the mineral water bottle. Old Sun Tou was anxious to hold an umbrella for them to cover the rain. These young people did not forget to warn Old Sun Tou: Never call the police!

In fact, what Old Sun Tou saw was only a scale and a half claws near the end of an engagement, while the scene of the weapon fight on the hillside was more bloody and the loss was more serious. After investigation, the affair, which was regarded as the fight between Guizhou Gang and Hunan Gang for the right to speak, originated from an underground casino.

In July 2017, Huang Mao (Chen Moujia), a Guizhou native who was mixed up in Liangzhu Street of Yuhang District, gathered Taotao (Chen Mouyi), Tian Mouyi C and Chen Mouding to form a Guizhou Band. He Mouwu, a Hunan native (Qiu Mouji), nicknamed Village Mayor, and others, demolished houses and relocated bamboo forests around the reservoir to play Erba Bar with poker cards. In the way of gathering gambling, Taotao is responsible for guarding, the village head is responsible for locating venues and setting tables in the local area, Tian Mou-c is responsible for tapping in the casino, and Chen Mou-ding is responsible for picking up and delivering the gamblers. In just over a month, Huang Mao and others have made a profit of more than 60,000 yuan. Business is booming, which naturally causes other peoples red eyes. In late August 2017, the local pheasant (Liu Mogeng), gathered Li Moxin and others to find the fifth, demanding a share in his casino, the fifth said that the casino was closed to others and could not decide. As the head of the local Hunan Band, the pheasant was unwilling to let go of the fat sheep, so he threatened the fifth to rush to the court and beat him. Lao Wu suffered losses, but he was even more afraid of the local forces. Even in the face of casino profits, in the face of real violence, he chose to give in after a struggle, and told Huang Mao to stop the casino.

In this case, Huang Mao held a meeting with other fellow villagers in Guizhou and said, You cant be afraid of others if you want to base yourself on them. This is the world of Guizhou people. You can fight if you want to! Faced with the coming rush court, Huang Mao prepared steel pipe, baseball bats, bamboo shoots and other tools, and then entangled Meng Mouren, Chen Mouding and other fellow townsmen, ready to fight. Sure enough, one day at the end of August, the pheasant instructed his younger brothers Li Mouxin, Dong Moukui, Ahua (Jiang Moujia), Yang Mouyi, Liu Mouping and Li Mouding to drive two cars to the foothill of the underground gambling place. After arriving at the foot of the hill, the pheasant rushed in with a steel pipe and planned to disperse the gamblers and smash the gambling table. Because Huang Maofang was ready, 78 people held steel pipes, baseball rolls, bamboo shoots and so on. Huang Maofang took the lead with machetes, and the two sides fought fiercely on the hillside. Because Huang Maofang was well prepared and took advantage of the terrain, he had a slight advantage, while the pheasant was badly injured. Awa broke his head, Li Moxin and Dong Moukui broke their legs, and the others who were slightly injured withdrew at once. The remaining three inconveniences were seen by the old grandfather above.

Huang Mao and Lao Wu gathered together to gamble for profit. Taotao, the village chief, Tian Mou-c and Chen Mou-ding provided direct help when they knew that other people gathered for gambling. They tapped into the profits and brought bad effects on local public order and social atmosphere. The armed fight between Huang Mao and the pheasant caused many injuries and the loss of vehicle property, seriously disturbed the social order, had a great negative impact on social security, and became a prominent hidden danger to social stability.

A few days ago, the Yuhang District Court opened a court hearing the series of cases one after another, and sentenced Chen Moujia to five years and four monthsimprisonment and fines for gambling and mass assault; Chen Mouyi to four years and three months imprisonment and fines for gambling and mass assault; Tian Moujia to four years and four monthsimprisonment for gambling and mass assault, and to fines for gambling and mass assault; Chen Mouding was sentenced to four years and six months in prison and a fine for the crime of gathering together and fighting; He Mouding was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine for gambling; Qiu Mouding was sentenced to six months in prison, one year in probation and a fine for gambling; and he was sentenced to recover illegal income. Some of the defendants have appealed and other relevant persons have delivered their sentences on a selective basis.

Source: Beijing Headline Responsible Editor: Pan Qingqing_NBJS5830