Tsinghua New Discipline Regulation: Academic Misconduct Penalty Upgraded from Recording to Expulsion

 Tsinghua New Discipline Regulation: Academic Misconduct Penalty Upgraded from Recording to Expulsion

The new edition of the Detailed Rules provides for the punishment of academic misconduct and violation of learning discipline. Among them, six kinds of acts will be punished, including plagiarism, plagiarism, embezzlement of other peoples academic achievements; tampering with other peoples research results; forging scientific research data, materials, documents, annotations, or fabricating facts, fabricating false research results; signing research results and academic papers without participating in research or creation, and improperly using otherssignatures without permission. Fictitious co-signatures of collaborators or co-signatures of multiple people who have completed research without specifying other peoples work or contributions in the results; providing false academic information in the process of declaring topics, achievements, awards and applying for degrees; buying and selling non-degree papers, writing by others or writing non-degree papers for others, etc.

The new edition of Rules clearly distinguishes non-dissertation from dissertation, and severely punishes academic misconduct on dissertation. New regulations in the Detailed Rules stipulate that in dissertations and publicly published research results, there are cases of plagiarism, tampering, forgery and other serious circumstances; or those who write or sell dissertations on behalf of others, which are confirmed by the Academic Committee of the school, have been given above-mentioned punishment and upgraded to the punishment of expulsion.

For the punishment of academic misconduct in the course of studentscurriculum learning, the new edition of Rules stipulates that serious copying of course assignments, serious copying of experimental reports or tampering with experimental data, serious copying of mid-term and final course papers, etc. will be given more warnings and punished as follows.

In addition, Tsinghua University also stipulates that students who are subject to disciplinary sanctions for academic misconduct shall be revoked their academic, conduct-related awards, honorary titles and certificates, and that the disciplinary sanctions imposed for academic misconduct or violation of learning discipline shall not be revoked in principle. Students who have been warned and punished will also be disqualified from applying for scholarships, honorary titles and postgraduate candidates.

Previously, the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on Further Standardizing and Strengthening the Management of Postgraduate Training, which strictly stipulates the issue of dissertation and degree award. According to the circular, we should firmly investigate academic misconduct and falsification of academic papers, be accountable and never tolerate them, and achieve zero tolerance. We should give disciplinary sanctions and academic punishment to the parties according to the circumstances, and promptly transfer the illegal laws and regulations to the relevant departments for investigation and prosecution.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of Beijing News