Turkish President: Russian S400 System or Delivery to Turkey by July

 Turkish President: Russian S400 System or Delivery to Turkey by July

Russian S-400 Air Defense Missile System

[Global Network Military Report] Turkish President Erdogan said recently that Russia may be able to deliver S-400 air defense systems to Turkey by July.

Russian Satellite News Agency reported on April 10 that Erdogan told reporters on a special plane on the way back from his visit to Russia: The work has been completed and everything is ready. The S-400 system should be delivered in July or possibly sooner. Erdogan pointed out that Turkey purchased the S-400 system from Russia for the sake of national security, not for third countries, which also had no voice on this issue. He added that Turkey had absolute sovereignty and would not share the decision-making power of purchasing the S-400 with anyone.

In response to comments by Vice President Burns that Turkeys purchase of the S-400 system threatens NATO unity, Erdogan said that NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg had earlier said that the purchase of the S-400 was Turkeys sovereign right.

In December 2017, Turkey signed an agreement with Russia on the acquisition of the S-400 air defense missile system, which became the fuse of diplomatic friction between Ankara and Washington. The United States wants Turkey to abandon the purchase of S-400 air defense missiles and use only the American Patriot air defense system. Turkey took a tough stand on the issue, saying that even if it purchased the patriots of the United States, it would not give up Russias S-400, pointing out that the two were irrelevant.

According to the agreement, Russia will sell four S-400 air defense missile systems to Turkey, with a contract value of $2.5 billion. The Turkish side will pay 45% in advance, and the remaining 55% will be paid with Russian loans. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Borisov said that the contract stipulates that after the completion of the main part of the supply, there is a choice. Turkish Defense Minister Akar has previously revealed that Russia will begin delivering the S-400 system to Turkey in October 2019.

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