77-year-old singer Thomas Conleys death, Blake Shelton

 77-year-old singer Thomas Conleys death, Blake Shelton

Netease Entertainment reported on April 11 that Earl Thomas Conley, a 77-year-old country music singer, had died recently, according to foreign media reports.

Former ticket brokers said Conley stopped touring two years ago because of health problems. Thomass brother confirmed to CNN that Conley had been fighting Alzheimers disease and that he had spent the last few months of his life in hospice and died Wednesday, April 10.

Thomas Conleys companion said in a statement: Our hearts are broken and the lights are dim, but his light will light up the music. Many people do not know that he is not only an artist who plays music, but also a gifted artist who paints and carves. His hands can create anything.

Conley was born in Portsmouth, Ohio. In 1979, his Dreamins AllIDo was the first to win the top 40 charts. During his 50 years of music career, he produced 18 Championship songs, including Holding Herand Loving You, Right From the Start and WhatId Say.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Zhang Yi_NBJS7487