Twelve years, from 1 to 125! The most enduring god of war in the Champions League! God couldnt stop the 23rd goal in half-time bombardment

 Twelve years, from 1 to 125! The most enduring god of war in the Champions League! God couldnt stop the 23rd goal in half-time bombardment

Throw away the crutches and it will break out habitually!

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Lets review the presidents goal first. Its really a goal worth remembering for a long time. Ronaldos centre circle edge received a diagonal pass from the left. He stopped the ball and turned around. He tapped to find Cancelo, the younger brother of the national team who was following him on the right side. Then he pushed forward at high speed. The less experienced Ajax defence made a problem of watching only the ball. He even missed the president who was directly inserted into the hinterland of our side.

Ronaldo will not miss such a hard-won opportunity. He is optimistic about the position of the ball at the front of the small restricted area. He leaps his head with a fishing mallet and smashes the ball into the right side of the goal in the course of flying, which makes Ajax goalkeeper Onana unable to save. After the goal, the president once again staged his heroic celebration. It was Ronaldos 23rd header in the Champions League, the highest in history.

This is the presidents fifth goal in the Champions League this season, 25 goals and 10 assists have been delivered from all fronts this season, which is really an old and strong example. This is the presidents 125th goal in the Champions League, which continues to expand its leading edge after wearing a hat against Atletico Madrid in the last round. As described on UEFAs official website, the president is far ahead in the Champions Leagues list of historical strikers. Ronaldo scored his first goal in the Champions League on April 10, 2007 (Manchester United 7-1 Rome), while the 125th goal appeared on April 10, 2019, 12 years later. Ronaldo was still the same Ronaldo.

Messi, who is the smallest behind him, is 17 goals behind him. Raul, the former Real Madrid King in third place, has been thrown away 54 goals by Ronaldo C. Among the players in active service, Benzema, who is tentatively fourth in double pride, has the smallest gap. But the former teammate of Ronaldo C is only 60 goals, or less than half of Ronaldo C.

More noteworthy is that this campaigns goal is the 64th goal scored in Ronaldos Champions League knockout. In this key data ranking, he is also in a leading position. Messi in the second place scored 42 goals, Muller in the third place scored 21 goals, and the sum of the two goals is not as much as the president.

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