French players suspected of escaping doping tests crying and being rudely treated

 French players suspected of escaping doping tests crying and being rudely treated

Calvin denies it, saying she was rudely treated by inspectors after being stopped in Marrakech, Morocco, on March 27.

Calvins husband, Sa Dahmani, was also an athlete when they were training for the Paris Marathon in Morocco.

According to Calvin, she had just picked up her child from kindergarten when her husband went to buy his birthday cake. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm and asked her about her husbands whereabouts, claiming to be the French police. When she guided them to find their husbands and prepare to hand over their children to their husbands, one of the three hit her in the arm, causing the child to fall to the ground.

Calvin said that these people did not produce documents during the period. She then reported the case to the Moroccan police without any idea of trying to escape.

What happened on March 27 was no doping test. It was violence and a complete misunderstanding. At the press conference, Calvin lost his voice and wept.

The Secretary-General of the French Anti-Doping Agency, Marc Teolang, said the allegations involved very serious problems, but had no basis whatsoever.

Officials of the French Anti-Doping Agency will not use violence. Teolang said the French Anti-Doping Agency would closely monitor further developments, including the legal acts brought about by these allegations.

Calvin, 28, won the silver medal in the marathon at the European Track and Field Championships in Berlin last year. She had expected to run out of the Tokyo Olympics in the Paris Marathon.

I have been a high-level athlete for 12 years, and I have never had any problems with the French Anti-Doping Agency. Calvin said.

Calvin is also making final efforts to participate in the Paris Marathon and is ready to appeal to the French Supreme Administrative Court.

If I had the chance to participate in the Paris Marathon, I would do it because I have confidence and strength. Calvin said, I dont have any doubts about myself. Im an honest man.

Calvins lawyer, A. Perricar, said that Calvin was suspended temporarily. In addition to evading doping tests, she was told by the French Anti-Doping Agency that she could not be inspected at her claimed location after 8 p.m. on March 27.

According to Perikar, Dahmani was also punished by a temporary suspension.

Source: Lu Ting_NS5242, responsible editor of Xinhua New Media Line