The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee investigates and reduces the burden at the grass-roots level: You must be very grieving and open to me.

 The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee investigates and reduces the burden at the grass-roots level: You must be very grieving and open to me.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that the survey was of a return visit nature, because just a year ago, Liu Qi visited Gaoan city in the rain and visited Shanggao County in the field five months ago.

Liu Qi. Photo Source: Update News

In early March, the China Office issued a circular, which designated this year as the year of burden reduction at the grass-roots level. Recently, the specific deployment of provinces has been introduced one after another. Among them, Jiangxi has introduced 30 rigid measures to loosen the bondage at the grass-roots level, such as reducing the provincial Party Committee documents by more than 20%, advocating secret visits, and eliminating scenario-based research.

To reduce the burden at the grass-roots level, starting from the provincial Party Committee and starting from me. On the second day of the promulgation of Article 30, Liu Qi went to Yifeng and Gaoan for investigation without greeting or random selection. During the small and long vacation of Qingming Dynasty, he visited Changshui Village of Wuning County secretly.

On April 10, Liu Qi went to Gaoan City and Shanggao County to investigate the work of reducing burden at the grass-roots level. In addition to checking the accounts and records in the stands, he also had in-depth exchanges with staff to ask what formalistic problems plagued the grass-roots level and what burdens needed to be alleviated.

At the Symposium of cadres at the fourth level, Liu Qi went straight to the theme: a thousand lines above, a needle below, a thousand hammers above and a nail below. Grass-roots cadres have heavy tasks and great pressures, but they have been consumed a lot of time and energy by formalistic issues, and have increased a lot of burdens. You must be very grieving and complaining. Today, we will open our minds to me. If there are problems, we can speak boldly and have our opinions at ease. Lets work together to identify the root causes and give appropriate countermeasures.

Grass-roots cadres open their hearts to express the puzzlement of Wenshan Huihai and the confusion of the report forms, and the helplessness of suffering from it and being trapped in it. Either in a meeting or on the way to a meeting, too many forms, we are jokingly calledcousins and cousins,sometimes two sets of inspection teams a day in the village,strict supervision and control, a change of waistcoat to conduct special research...

Listening to the speeches carefully and interrupting from time to time, Liu Qi said that the Provincial Party Committees Thirty Measures should start from the Provincial Party Committee, lead the whole province to work together to reduce the burden of grass-roots units, so that we can have more time and more energy to tackle difficulties and achieve practical results.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that Liu Qi was not unfamiliar with Gaoan City, Shanggao County and Changshui Village, Wuning County, which was visited secretly during the Qingming Festival. And just last April, he visited Gaoan.

Specifically, on April 14, 2018, Liu Qi, then Secretary of the CPC Committee and governor of Jiangxi Province, made an unannounced visit to Gaoan, Zhangshu and Fengcheng in the rain. He embarked on a muddy field road and inspected three high-standard farmland construction projects in Xiangfu Town, Gaoan City, and asked, What is the construction standard per mu? What is the land transfer rate? How to adjust the agricultural structure?

Liu Qi went to Shanggao County for investigation, which took place in early December last year. He went deep into three districts and cities, put down the bowl at noon and left at night. It was dark and he was still watching, all the way without stopping.

Among them, in Shanggao Old Town Central Business District Shed Renovation Site, saw that the gap between the desk and sidebar of the farm market was very wide, Liu Qi went forward to measure the width with his finger, and the inquiry was not in line with the design. He said with great emphasis that no work should be done for the leaders. Under no circumstances should bonsai be built or furnished. In that case, the people will poke at our backbones.

As for the investigation of Changshui Village in Wuning County, it took place in May 2016. Liu Qi, then deputy secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, praised the local government for relying on the excellent ecological environment and vigorously developing the residential economy. He repeatedly stressed that ecological resources should be carefully protected to leave valuable green wealth for future generations.

The Secretary of the provincial Party Committee has made many investigations and even secret visits to the grass-roots units to illustrate that the symptoms of overburdens at the grass-roots level lie below and roots above. The main responsible comrades should be brave enough to take the lead in reforming and supervising the reform.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has put forward the idea of reducing the burden at the grass-roots level by solving the prominent problems of formalism, which fully demonstrates the firm determination of steadfastly and comprehensively governing the Party strictly and persistently and firmly grasping the construction of the style of work, and has established the practical guidance of relaxing the burden at the grass-roots level and encouraging the majority of cadres to take the responsibility.

Source: Changan Street Governor Responsibility Editor: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310