Claim for 20,000 hairdressers for a piece of meat cut from a womans ear: Blame cell phones

 Claim for 20,000 hairdressers for a piece of meat cut from a womans ear: Blame cell phones

At noon on April 9, Ms. Yuan of Guiyang went to have her hair cut and cut it. Suddenly, she felt a painful pain because the barber cut Ms. Yuans ears while cutting her hair.

Ms. Yuan: I was short hair, just let him help me to repair a little more, a little more spiritual. Then I cut it, and I felt my ears ache all of a sudden, and then I felt the place bleeding.

Ms. Yuan cut her hair at a beauty salon near the Guiyang Memorial Tower. Ms. Yuan said that a piece of meat the size of a nail cap had been cut off, and blood was constantly pouring out.

Ms. Yuan: This store is also a national chain. It has many branches in Guizhou. I feel very uncomfortable when I meet this problem. Its a disguise, and it feels very bad.

Later, the shop assistant found medicinal cotton and Band-Aid, stopped the blood, and then began to negotiate how to deal with it, but Ms. Yuan felt that the barbers attitude was not sincere enough. So Ms. Yuan also put forward her own requirements.

Ms. Yuan: On the one hand, I am treated, on the other hand, it involves the problem of cosmetology. They are responsible for it. At the same time, I need them to compensate me, mainly in the spiritual aspect.

Mr. Wu, a hairdresser who cut Ms. Yuans hair at that time, told reporters that Ms. Yuan used mobile phones more frequently and moved her head more severely, so she cut her ears.

Mr. Wu, a hairdresser, said, No one can sit and cut his hair without moving, but when I cut it, I cut it very carefully and unexpectedly cut my ears.

Whatever the reason, he said, he was willing to take responsibility for cutting the ears of customers. He also agreed with Ms. Yuans questions about treatment and later cosmetology, that is, there was some objection to the amount of compensation.

Mr. Wu, barber: My sister asked us to pay 20,000 yuan. As a part-time worker, 20,000 yuan is really too high. Within my range of abilities, I think I can accept more than one thousand and two thousand dollars.

Ms. Yuan immediately said that it was a test for the shopkeeper to be angry and ask for compensation of $20,000, because after the accident, the shopkeeper introduced the barber to take responsibility, and the shopkeeper did not take any responsibility.

Later, a person in charge of the barber shop also said that the shop would like to compensate Ms. Yuan for 1,000 yuan with Wu Qi, but Ms. Yuan did not accept it.

Later, Ms. Yuan contacted the journalist and said that she had gone to the hospital to deal with her ear injury, which was not serious. A head of the barber shop rushed to the hospital. At present, the two sides have reached a consensus on this matter.

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