Lin Yuejias Talk about The Last Time with Death: Intestinal Dysfunction due to Stress

 Lin Yuejias Talk about The Last Time with Death: Intestinal Dysfunction due to Stress

Netease Entertainment reported on April 11, according to Taiwanese media reports, recently, Lin Yuejia accepted an exclusive interview with a magazine, revealing that she was a workaholic before marriage. She suffered from intestinal mania for a period of time and had diarrhea from eating anything, which frightened him. The doctor concluded that it was incurable and made him feel the closest to death, but he began to understand how to coexist with stress.

Lin Yuejia described her former personality as a kind of bomb, which would burst in the end. So he seems to be polite to everyone, and in the face of setbacks, he should remain silent and keep his distance. He said that life will inevitably have some frustration, and when the frustration accumulates to a certain extent and becomes a huge thing, it is the beginning of an important plan. So when I decide to do something, it is a state of no turning back, and people will go crazy, it is over-committed to do it.

But when they got married, Lin said, Family restraint will make you less overwhelmed. In the past, he spent a lot of time entangling with melancholy or the dark side of his heart, thinking that it was the daily life of art creators. But because you have family ties, you have to have a regular work and rest, and you have to take care of children in the morning, so you dont spend so much time with negative things, and wake up time will be more solid to do the itinerary. The irrational investment of the past will eventually be tamed by one thing, that is... Is it love? He laughed and said it was disgusting, but similar.

Lin Yuejia also said, When you get home and allocate time to your family and children, you will feel that you know how to arrange the sprint time scientifically, regardless of the annoying things. In fact, many of my routines and ways of doing things are really the result of my bodys loss. Especially if there is a real artist personality, it is easy to be melancholy, because the pressure is too great, it will be terrible to burn oneself completely.

Asked if its a little early to accomplish something important in life at the age of 31? But Lin Yuejia said that there were many people who were partial to envy, and then he realized that it was something worth envying. I always wanted to be an artist with family life. Because all the singers I like have the same temperament, they are musicians, but also very down-to-earth life, such as Zhang Xueyou, Chen Yixun.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952