Zhou Meiyi did not respond to allegations of child abuse and claimed to be a qualified mother.

 Zhou Meiyi did not respond to allegations of child abuse and claimed to be a qualified mother.

Netease Entertainment reported on April 11 recently that actor Zhou Meiyi once again responded in an interview with the media to the case of the husband of the invested big man deceived the spouse. Zhou Meiyi did not respond directly to her husbands previous accusations of child abuse in the circle of friends, but she claimed to be a qualified wife and mother. In addition, Zhou Meiyi revealed that her husband, Zheng Gang, claimed that he had not been able to accompany his wife to the United States to wait for delivery because of restrictions on leaving the country.

During the Qingming holidays, a news was revealed that actor Zhou Meiyi was deceived by the investor husband to get married and rob sons. The seizure took place in early October last year. So far, Zhou Meiyi said she had not seen twins for 188 days. The child was hidden by her husband and her lover.

After the incident broke out, Zhou Meiyi responded in the media interview. Zhou Meiyi confessed that she did not know how to define the marriage relationship with Zheng Gang. Zhou Meiyi said that she did not want to get involved in this anymore, but hoped to see the children as soon as possible.

For five months to live in the United States, Zhou Meiyi revealed that her parents-in-law accompanied her, while her husband Zheng Gang claimed that he could not show up because of restrictions on exit. However, according to Zhou Meiyi, the couple contacted each other quite frequently at that time, and they sent messages or videos almost every day. When talking about whether the child is American and whether he has asked the US embassy for help, Zhou Meiyi responded that the embassys response is to follow the local law of the incident.

In addition, the suspected circle of Zheng Gangs friends had previously flowed out on the Internet. As shown in the screenshot, Zheng Gang accused Zhou Meiyi of knocking down a rake and called it a carefully designed deception and lie. Some media said that Zheng Gang meant that Zhou Meiyi abused children, and it was reported that Zheng Gang had taken out pictures of the childs wounds and that Zhou Meiyi admitted to biting the childs chat record as evidence. Zhou Meiyi did not respond directly to this in the interview. But Zhou Meiyi emphasized in the interview that she was a qualified wife and mother and a woman hurt by Zheng Gang and Cao Lili (suspected third party of their marriage).

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952