Tell Manchester United a horrible story: Barcelona will send Denberry next week.

 Tell Manchester United a horrible story: Barcelona will send Denberry next week.

Both sides started:

Manchester United: 1-De Gea, 18-Ashley-Young, 12-Smalling, 2-Lindlov, 23-Luke-Shaw, 20-Dalotte (7414-Lingard), 39-McTomini, 17-Fred, 6-Bogba, 9-Lukaku (6811-Marshall), 10-Rushford (8515-Andreas-Pereira)

Barcelona start: 1-Telstegen, 2-Semedo, 3-Pique, 15-Langley, 18-Alba, 4-Lakitic, 5-Busquets (9326-Alenia), 8-Atul (6620-Roberto), 7-Cutinio (6522-Bidal), 9-Suarez, 10-Messi

The opening department is a little conservative, and the Red Devil will come back after losing the ball.

Facing the powerful Barcelona in this match, Solskjaer, who has less experience in coaching, has discharged a stable five-guard and three-midfield formation, focusing on blocking his ribs. Although this strategy has always been the choice of the Premier League team when facing Barcelona in the past, considering that Barcelona had just finished the league final with Atletico Madrid at home four days ago, only one player in the starting line-up changed, and the opening arrangements such as Manchester United, which had a huge physical advantage and played at home, were slightly conservative, which made them passive in the early stages.

However, although Manchester United fell into Barcelonas siege shortly after the start, their defensive deployment is quite commendable. When the five defenders are lined up, the three midfielders of Manchester United will actively move horizontally to protect their ribs. Once the opponent enters the offensive zone with the ball, one midfielder will cooperate with the central defender and the other midfielder will defend side by side. Such an arrangement will limit Messis possession to the greatest extent.

In this attack, Messi just held the ball in the front of the penalty area, Fred went up with Smalling in the first time, while the young player McTominet beside him was responsible for the defense, and finally MacTominets shovel grabbed, Messi divided the ball into Alba on the left side.

Looking at Barcelonas attack, Smalling kept close to withdrawing Suarez and interfering with the ball, while in the face of Cutinio, who broke through with the ball, Manchester United formed a three-man rib defensive team after Fred and Smalling replaced, quickly breaking the ball from the opponents feet. This deployment can be said to completely extinguish Barcelonas lack of speed in the rib offense.

However, Manchester Uniteds defensive deployment is not impeccable, because the midfield line only holds the ball into the offensive zone three players to the top, so in fact, if the two forwards in the loosening link has been relaxed, Barcelonas back position is not actually oppressed, and Barcelona soon took advantage of this loophole. In the only goal of the game, the Barcelona side was launched by the defenseless Busquets in the back waist position to complete this delicate attack. Messi in the front threw aside Lindlov who was targeting himself and found Suarez in the left pass in the penalty area. The header of the latter made Luke Shaws own Oolong.

Manchester United wake up at the moment when they are playing at home and lagging behind early. They will soon start a high-level attack at the back of Barcelona on the premise of their overall formation. As can be seen from the above motion chart, when Telstegen played in the back court, Uniteds strikers were even pushed into the penalty area.

Under Manchester Uniteds high-position strategy, Barcelona began to look for front-line control because of the instability of their back-court playersserve. However, in this match, Barcelonas center Suarez suffered a lot in the confrontation with Smalling, and even if Suarez could barely grab the first point, the second point would often be taken by Manchester United. In this attack, Suarez had not yet climbed up from the ground after grabbing the first point, and the ball had been taken away by Fred.

Under such circumstances, Barcelonas attack was almost annihilated, and the only threatening attack came from Lindlovs mistake. This time Longley looked for Suarez with his big feet in the back. Lindlov at the front was in a hurry to make a mistake in the second defence and the first defence. He poked the ball into his own restricted area. Suarez at the front gave the ball to Cutinio at the back, and the latter almost scored.

As mentioned earlier, Barcelona had just completed the devils schedule before this match, and their physical condition was far less than that of Manchester United, which had rested for eight days. Therefore, when Manchester United resolutely carried out high-position robbery, Barcelona was actually a little tired of coping with it. Whether its a veteran legendary player like Busquets or a new coffee player like Langley, its a succession of mistakes in Manchester Uniteds press. Barcelona playersmistakes also gave Manchester United more confidence, so that Manchester United gradually took control of the game initiative.

After taking the initiative in the game, Manchester Uniteds offense has gradually changed from the simple routine of Bogba looking for Rushford to positional offense, but unfortunately, the offensive efficiency of Manchester United in this game is not ideal. Most obviously, Ashley Young, the right wing guard in charge of the main attack, completed 11 crosses (19 times for the whole team), but never found his teammates. The equally embarrassing statistics are Uniteds shooting, and none of their 10-foot attempts have been able to shoot straight, which makes them slow to turn advantage into victory after taking the initiative in the game.

Barcelona changed hands to turn the situation around and Soxhlet changed hands.

In the second half of the match, Barcelona took the lead in personnel adjustment. Balvad replaced Cutinio and Atul with Roberto and Bidal and changed the formation to 442, which helped Barcelona regain its initiative after Uniteds physical strength weakened.

Under the pressure of Manchester United, Robertos advantage of running and advancing was fully brought into play. This time, his cooperation with Messi opened up the situation completely. Unfortunately, Roberto did well in the race, but he did not pass well. His choice after running out of neutrality many times is not ideal.

Unlike Barcelona, Solskjaer made some mistakes in the choice of replacement. Although the attacking ideas of Mahal and Pereira are very clear, that is to say, in positional warfare, the greatest threat is created by using the ball-free running of several Front-court assailants. However, what he neglected was that it was difficult for Manchester United to sustain pressure on Barcelona after their physical advantage was gradually exhausted. In this case, the decision to withdraw Lukaku made Manchester United lose its sole fulcrum in the forward counter-attack.

In the initial defensive counter-attack deployment, Lukakus forward fulcrum is a major support for Uniteds offense, and in the final stage of the second half, without Lukakus support in the front, it is difficult for several United strikers to get the ball.

In positional warfare, Marshall and Rushfords ability to run without balls can create the greatest threat. However, shortly after Marshalls debut, Manchester United, whose physical advantage has disappeared, has been difficult to form an effective positional attack.

Concluding remarks

In this match, it can be said that Manchester United, who have done enough homework, have to outperform their opponents. Especially in the case of passive start, Manchester Uniteds tactical changes can be said to be quite successful, but their efficiency at the offensive end restricts them. Although in the follow-up adjustment, the coach with shallow coaching experience made mistakes, fortunately, they did not suffer a greater blow, the 1-0 score. It means that everything is possible.

As for Barcelona, after experiencing the Devil Cycle, they can breathe a sigh. In the next round, how to grasp their physical strength and break through the Cayman United ribs defense will be a major issue for them. So, after Denberys return, can they do better? Rub ones eyes and wait.

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