Cannes Television Festival Opening Chinese Television Works Favored by Overseas Buyers

 Cannes Television Festival Opening Chinese Television Works Favored by Overseas Buyers

In Cannes, France, giant posters of the Spring Television Festival hang on the walls of the cinema palace.

People walk past a poster of a Chinese TV play

A man walks past a poster of a Chinese TV play

Guests consulting at a Chinese exhibition stand

People attend the Spring Television Festival in Cannes, France

Xinhua News Agency, Cannes, France, April 9 Television Summary: Chinese TV program Cannes TV Festival is popular

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Yimiao and Han Qian

Cannes Spring Television Festival was held in Cannes, the southern coastal city of France, from 8 to 11. Nearly 100 Chinese cultural enterprises participated in the exhibition with excellent TV dramas, documentaries and cartoons filmed in recent years, and many works were favored by overseas buyers.

The animated film Hushao Wa from Zhejiang tells a folk legend with fruit as the main character, which combines ink, paper-cut and other traditional Chinese artistic features.

Jordanian film maker Sark Hamoud consulted the plot and creative techniques of the animated film in detail in the Chinese exhibition area, and soon reached a preliminary purchase intention with the producer, Zhejiang Jisheng Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. He said: The characters in the film are simple and lovely. The background of the picture is Chinese mountains, rivers and pavilions. The story is very Chinese.

Liu Feng, art director of Hu Yu WA, told reporters: television stations and film companies from Lebanon, Qatar, Belarus and other countries have come to discuss cooperation with us. This kind of animation which shows Chinese traditional artistic features is especially welcomed by the one belt all along the line of national film makers.

According to Zhao Xiaohui, the head of the China Television Festival, nearly 100 TV stations, film and television production companies and Internet film and television companies from Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Zhejiang came to Cannes to attend the Spring Television Festival, bringing hundreds of TV dramas such as Peace Hotel, documentary Road to Rice and VR (Virtual Reality) series Know China to represent China in recent years. A number of promotional meetings on Chinese film and television productions and program modes were held.

The original program mode from China has attracted much attention in the TV festival. Hunan Satellite TVs original vocal music competition program Sound in the Heart signed a contract to distribute program mode to North America during the TV festival; the scientific experimental program Come on! launched by CCTV. Originality programs such as To the Future and family culture program Thank you, my home have also been welcomed.

Paul Youngblut, director of TAPE Media, said that combining talent shows with opera, competition with scientific experiments, and real family stories in interviews would make it easier for audiences in other countries to accept the program model. China is becoming a provider of innovative programs from a consumer of program models.

Cannes TV Festival is held every spring and autumn. It is one of the largest and most influential international audio-visual products and digital content trading markets in the world. The Cannes Spring Television Festival in 2019 attracted 3,400 enterprises from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.