Family members of Cheng Xiaoyues mother who died of illness are busy preparing for the memorial service.

 Family members of Cheng Xiaoyues mother who died of illness are busy preparing for the memorial service.

Cheng Xiaoyue and his mother

Cheng Xiaoyue and his mother

Mother Cheng Xiaoyues Young Photo

Netease Entertainment reported on April 11 that Chengs former girlfriend, Cheng Xiaoyus agent, sent a letter to confirm the death of Chengs mother, Guo Jinghong, in a circle of friends. It is reported that the memorial service will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 13 in the Galaxy Hall of Longhua Funeral House, Shanghai.

The full text of Cheng Xiaoyues circle of brokers and friends:

How can I not imagine that the spring of April, hesitant, ready to fight, and finally to prepare for the funeral and get up early and return late...

Just work on contact with major activities, a good few years, those who stay up to dawn overtime, less than half of the current people tired. Most importantly, you dont want to see whats going on in front of you, and eventually it happens.

No exaggeration, Charlotte is the mother of another family in peoples mouth - good birth, beautiful appearance, good temperament, warm conversation, wide knowledge, deep connotation.... The first time I saw her, I felt that she was a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, her face is only kind-looking, no arrogance, and has never seen her dictate. This is the face that an international brand should have. It is also my initial impression of her company, function and position.

Over the past two years, because I worked with Yvonne, I went to their house two or three times a week. Gradually, Charlotte became more and more my own person. Sometimes she talked about things in front of her. She often sat in a reclining chair and laughed and said, I think youre doing well in this way. Then she began to share her work experience. She also asked me to have dinner, chat with me and teach me how to do things. At that time, she had just finished the chemotherapy, and she spoke very little, but she still threw her voice. A friend once asked me, Your artists mother is so fierce, will you be under pressure? I answered, Her mother is really wonderful.

At this moment, pushing forward, I dare not mourn in the circle of friends. On the one hand, I am most afraid of poking into the pain of Yvonne and Jeffreys sister and brother; on the other hand, there are many people who know Charlotte longer and know her better in the circle of friends. I really dont want to take out some trivial things to write special books, as if my memories are so special. However, when I was counting the mourning speeches given to her by many people these days, I sincerely lamented that although a persons life is short, it makes every person who contacts, works together and knows each other praise and spontaneously remember from the heart. Such a life, even if it is too short, is too worthwhile. Such a soul, even if it is dispersed from the body, is too beautiful.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I had called her Sister Charlotte since the day I knew her, but she was actually close to Yvonnes age. On one occasion, Yvonne shouted Bai Bai Mummy before going out, and I hastened to slip my lips and follow the sound of Bai Bai Mummy! It was laughed at. That time I meditated that I might as well call my aunt later.

Yvonne in front of me today, busy from 7 a.m. to now, presides over the overall situation, thinking clearly and logically, is really Aunt Charlottes daughter.

She is the closest to her mother.

The saddest and most poignant thing is her.

There is nothing stronger than her.

It must be her who laughs better, flies higher and makes her mother proud.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952