Old Manchester United captains 11 passes are in place! Attacks and defenses are pits, but not black.

 Old Manchester United captains 11 passes are in place! Attacks and defenses are pits, but not black.

Last year and today, Rome bombed Barcelona at high altitudes and finally completed a major reversal. Barcelona emphasizes technology, consciousness and football IQ in the selection of materials, but does not attach much importance to playersstature, which makes Barcelonas lineup full of short-legged tigers. In this case, air defense has become the Death Pit of Bassa. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has pinpointed Barcelonas death point, and Uniteds attack tonight focuses on the right-hand pass.

At the Dream Theatre tonight, Ashley Young completed 11 passes, which was the most impressive. But its amazing that none of Ashley Youngs passes were in place. Ashley Young only made a threat in one pass, when Telstegens single shot was not far away, and Rushford missed the ball when he made up for it.

In Ashley Youngs crazy right-hand pass, Manchester United carried out Solskjaers tactical philosophy. Unfortunately, the 34-year-old captain of Manchester United played a lively game, but it had no practical effect. Ashley Youngs accuracy is not high, but it is also related to Manchester Uniteds staffing. Although Lukaku is tall and big, he has never been a good head-catcher. After Ferrainis departure, Manchester United lost their most useful air hammer.

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Netizens spoof: This is Ashley Yangs cross tonight (Source: Netease Sports)

Manchester United scored 0-pointers and Ashley Young needed a backseat. Ashley Young scored only 6.22 points in Whoscoreds post-match scoring. Apart from Lukeshaw, who is a self-styled Oolong, and Lukaku, who is invisible in the game, this is the third lowest point in Uniteds starting line-up. His passing success rate was 73%, the confrontation success rate was 60%, he won possession of the ball nine times and lost the ball 30 times. But we also need to evaluate Ashley Young objectively. He is a left-winger who is willing to play right-back for the benefit of the team, which has reflected his sense of responsibility. Behind 11 unreliable passes, Ashley Young also contributed three steals, one interception, two clearances and one shot tonight. His 80 touches were even inferior to Freds in the team.

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